LOBSTERFEST- June 16/18. 6pm til 12. $45 /person at Jarvis community centre

CRUISE NIGHTS- Start June 5/18. Every Tues. 5:45pm til dusk

Town clean-up- May 19/18-10am

Family Day- Aug. 18/18

Winners of our light-up night/ fruit and goodie baskets. 2 Elmvale Court, 1 BurnhamWoods, 8 Willow Glen. Congratulations and thanks for the displays.

Turkey Raffle made a profit to charities of $918.32. Thank you for your support. The money went to the Jarvis Caring Cupboard food bank.

 March 31/18- This is our annual easter egg hunt.

  Winners of our annual ham raffle

1- Jim Kuiper                        11- Kim Paquette

2- Mark Stewart                    12- Cheryl Walker

3- Vic Cunha                         13- Kathy Balcomb

4- Kirsten Templeton             14- Mike Fehrman

5- Jill Staats                           15- Hazel McDonald

6- Bryan Dorman                   16- Dan Wright

7- Kyle Haywood                    17- Aleen Ali

8- Enzo Lavia                         18- Rob Turnecliff

9- Jean Smirowski                  19- Josh Hines

10- Bob Mehlenbacher           20- John Cunha








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