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               Our Club History                

A group of prominent business and professional men met on October 23, 1929 to affiliate with Lions Clubs International 

The Charter was presented to the Thurmont Lions Club on November 1, 1929. ​

After a number of the businessmen of Thurmont met informally at lunch for a number of months in early 1929, they decided to explore the need for a civic organization to serve the community. A committee was formed to get in touch with several such groups operating in other parts of the county. It didn't take them long to decide upon the Lions Club as their choice. With the help of some members of the Frederick Lions Club, who became their sponsor, a promotional meeting was held in the old Town Hall on October 23, 1929 and an open invitation was made for prospective members.

The original signers for the local club included Lester S. Birely, Victor M. Birely, Dr. Morris A. Birely, Allen Creager, John Creeger, Wilber R. Freeze, William J. Stoner, Harry W. Ruch, H.A.C. Sylvester, and Raymond Creager. The actual charter was presented to the club at the November 1, 1929 meeting with the following additional members listed on the charter: Carl S. Gall, Parmalee D. Ewing, Frederick Tresselt, H.Q.Miller, Ray R. Taylor, Claude A. O'Toole, Dr. James K. Gray, D.S.Weybright, Ernest P. Hammaker, and Leonard R. Waesche.

The orginal meetings were held in the Mrs. Ruth Eyler Restaurant located  across the street from the earlier day Thurmont Library on Water Street. Since the restaurant's closing shortly thereafter, the meetings were held ever since at the Cozy Inn Restuarant. The meetings are now held at the Mountain Gate Family Restaurant.

The Lions Club was largely representative of the business men and agricultural operations of the community. Over years the organization has evolved to include other members of the community who were interested in taking part actively in civic, commercial, social, education and moral welfare projects. Today, many on the club's roster of active members include interested women in the community. For 73 years, the club has been an exceptionally good forum for discussion and action on matters of public interest.

Current and Past Presidents of the Thurmont Lions Club​

1939-40  J.F. Connelly

1940-41  John Creeger

1941-42  Robert K. Remsburg

1942-43  Rhea T. Kincaid

1944-45  Samuel T. Royer Jr

1945-46  Dr. F.V Swearingen

1946-47  M.O. Lawyer   

1947-48  Wilbur R. Freeze

1948-49  Charles R. Ambrose

1949-50 Thomas B. Stone

1950-51  William A. Houck

1951-52  H. Lloyd Hoke

1952-53  Ralph Stottlemyer

1953-54  Raymond Boarts

1954-55  Daniel Weybright

1955-56  Elmer Chandlee

1956-57  Edgar B. Palmer

1957-58  Lee Saylor

1958-59  John R. Routh

1959-60  Ernest Tresselt

1960-61  Donald Lewis

1961-62  William Benjamin

1962-63  Robert Schumann

1963-64  Victor R. Jagow

1964-65  Victor A. Leisner

1965-66  George Campbell

1966-67  Eugene Anderson

1967-68  W. Roy Hoover Jr.

1968-69  Martin Mathwig

1969-70  Denton Twigg

1970-71  Robert Ogle

1972-73  Earl Shankle

1973-74  Howard Schildt

1974-75  Clarence Hagelin

1975-76  James Spahr

1976-77  George Zinkhann II

1977-78  Vince Jenkins

1978-79  Richard A. Killmeier

1979-80  William A. Willhide

1980-81  William A. Willhide

1981-82  Donald Lewis

1982-83  Michael Baltzell

1983-84  Ross Smith Jr.

1984-85  Glenn Rickard Jr

1985-86  Frank C. Long Jr.

1986-87  Robert Meunier

1987-88  H. Lloyd Hoke

1988-89  William A. Willhide

1989-90  Michael Irons

1990-91  Frank C. Long Jr

1991-92  Robert Lookingbill

1992-93  Eugene Long

1993-94  Ralph Fisher

1994-95  Margarito Ochoa

1995-96  Frank Dardanell

1996-97  John Hart

1997-98  William Long

1998-99  Larry West

1999-00  Eugene Long

2000-01  Douglas Favorite

2001-02  Sharon Ochoa

2002-03  William Reckley

2003-04  Jenny West

2004-05  Shirley Long

2005-06  Sam Miller

2006-07  Susan Favorite

2007-08  Paul Cannada

2008-09  Robin Keeny

2009-10  George Bolling

2010-11 "Och" Ochoa

2011-12 Ross Smith Jr.

2012-13 Tim Stuart

2013-14 Don Keeney

2014-15 Harold (JR) Wantz

​2015-16 William (Bill) Reckley

​2016-2017 Robert (Bob) Johnson

2017-2018 Nadja Muchow


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