Club Officers and Board of Directors - 2017-2018 Club Year


President                                                                   Lion Kelvin Digout

IPP                                                                             Lion Alfred Sampson

Treasurer                                                                    Lion Richard Landry

Secretary                                                                     Lion Chris O'Brien

Lion Tamer                                                                  Lion Wilma Martell

Tail Twister                                                                  Lion Robert Digout

1st Vice President                                                       Lion Richard Landry

2nd Vice President                                                      Lion Debbie Burke

3rd Vice President                                                       Lion Andrew Gracie

Board of Directors 1 Year                                           Lion Melba Landry

Board of Directors 1 Year                                           Lion Billy Digout

Board of Directors 2 Years                                         Lion Paula LaFantasie

Board of Directors 2 years                                          Lion Ray Jeffrey

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