Officers and Board of Directors (2018 - 2019)

  • President:  Lion Mary Stommes
  • Immediate Past President:  Lion Joe Bechtold
  • 1st Vice President: Lion Rick Schultz
  • 2nd Vice President:  Lion Nathan Molitor
  • 3rd Vice President:  Lion Keith Schleper
  • Secretary:  Lion Donna Hoskins
  • Treasurer:  Lion Jim Meyer
  • Board of Directors (1 year): 
    Lion Bill Wasner
    Lion Keith Schleper
  • Board of Directors (2 year):
    Lion Doug Carlson
    Lion Gail Rucks
  • Lion Tamer:  Lion Joanne Bechtold
  • Tail Twister:  Lion Kyle Jensen
  • Membership Director: Lion Nathan Molitor 320-492-8898

Committees and Chairs

The following committees provide many opportunities to serve!

  • Awards:  Lion Donna Hoskins (chair), Lion Jim Meyer (vice chair)
  • Bake Sale:  Lion Donna Hoskins
  • Bingo:  Lion Greg Kacures (chair), Lion Laurie Anderson (vice chair)
  • Brat Sales:  Lion Kyle Jensen (chair), Lion Joe Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Building:  Lion Keith Schleper (chair), Lion Doug Carlson (vice chair)
  • Chicken and Ham Dinner:  Lion Mary Stommes (chair), Lion Ken Stommes (vice chair)
  • Constitution and Bylaws:  Lion Jim Meyer
  • Diabetes Awareness:  Lion Donna Hoskins (vice chair)
  • Ditch Cleanup:  Lion Greg Kacures (chair), Lion Rick Schultz (vice chair)
  • Eyeglass Recycling: Lion Greg Kacures
  • Finance:  Lion Joe Bechtold (chair), Lion Ken Stommes (vice chair)
  • Fish Fry:  Lion Ken Stommes (chair), Lion Mary Stommes (vice chair)
  • Food Service: Lion Ralph Meyer (chair), Lion Len Walz (vice chair)
  • Food Shelf:  Lion Greg Kacures (chair), Lion Doug Carlson (vice chair)
  • Fund Raising: Lion Mary Stommes (chair), Lion Ken Stommes (vice chair)
  • Gambling:  Lion Mary Stommes (chair), Lion Scott Bloch (vice chair)
  • Health Services:  Lion Jim Kuebelbeck (chair), Lion Joanne Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Historian:  Lion Fran Court (chair), Lion Bill Wasner (vice chair)
  • Information Technology:  Lion Sue Kuefler (chair), Lion Rick Schultz (vice chair)
  • Meat Raffles:  Lion Scott Bloch (chair), Lion Ralph Meyer (vice chair)
  • Membership: Lion Nathan Molitor
  • Newsletter Editor:  Lion Donna Hoskins
  • Officer Nominations:  Lion Donna Hoskins (chair), Lion Joanne Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Parade:  Co-Chairs:
    Lions Joe and Joanne Bechtold
    Lions Ken and Mary Stommes
  • Peace Poster:  Lion Donna Hoskins (chair), Lion Mary Stommes (vice chair)
  • Programs and Entertainment:  Lion Scott Bloch (chair), Lion Joanne Bechtold (vice chair)
  • Public Relations:  Lion Fran Court (chair), Lion Rick Schultz (vice chair)
  • Scouting:  Lion Ken Stommes (chair), Lion Doug Carlson (vice chair)
  • Scrapbook:  Lion Scott Bloch (chair), Lion Laurie Anderson (vice chair)
  • Web Site:  Lion Sue Kuefler



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