Stafford County Lions Club

Meeting Minutes

September 5, 2017

Call to order

Lion President Ed Tober  called to order the regular meeting of the Stafford County Lions Club Board at 7:02pm on September 5, 2017 at 46 Neupauer Lane, Stafford, Va.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Ed Tober, Karen Taylor, Pat McCormick, Rose Burrus, Wally Burrus, Fred Cannon and via phone Aaron Burrus

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from last meeting

Lion Rose provided  the minutes from the last meeting (Aug). Lion Fred made motion to accept minutes as prepared; Lion Pat McCormick 2d and vote was unanimous in favor.

Treasurer Report

Lion Wally presented monthly treasurer’s report.  Motion to approve as presented by Lion Pat McCormick and 2d by Lion Fred Cannon. Vote taken, unanimous in favor.

Lion Wally also provided reclama on paragraph titled Recommendations in the 2016-2017 Audit. Clarification was provided and board agreed two signatures would be required, one of which could be the Treasurer. Motion to accept clarification provided by Lion Rose Burrus and 2d by Lion Pat McCormick; vote taken and was unanimous in favor.

Checks Issued to Colonial Forge Seniors

Discussion and decision made to set a deadline of October 1 17 for remaining checks issued to students to be cashed or funds would go away.

Motion to accept by Lion Pat and 2d by Lion Rose; vote was unanimous in favor. Notification will be sent to Lion Sue Schaefer.

Pending Actions:

  • Lion Pat will provide copy of membership plan to Secretary Lion Rose
  • Lion Karen will make one more attempt to finalize volunteers (LEOS and car club); if insufficient by the end of the week will postpone carwash for another time
  • Lion Rose will coordinate with Lion Bud on speaker for diabetes in Nov
  • Lion Rose provide invite to new LEO advisor to September general meeting
  • Notify zone chair of visit for May 15th
  • Coordinate with Lion Sharon and Bud for club Christmas party
  • Adjournment          

Lion President Ed Tober  adjourned the meeting at 8:20pm.



Leanne Cannon accepted as a new club member

  • Motion to accept by Lion Rose Burrus
  • 2d to accept by Lion Karen Taylor
  • Vote yes by Lions Wally Burrus, Karen Taylor, Rose Burrus, Pat McCormick, Ed Tober, Aaron Burrus


Alexandra D. Zaffram accepted as a new member

  • Motion to accept by Lion Karen Taylor
  • 2d to accept by Lion Pat McCormick
  • Vote yes by Lions Ed Tober, Pat McCormick, Fred Cannon, Rose Burrus, Wally Burrus, Aaron Burrus

Two members added for September membership report.

Minutes submitted by:  Rose Burrus

Minutes approved by:  Board of Directors, Oct 3, 2017

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