Stafford County Lions Club

Meeting Minutes

March 6, 2018

  Call to order

Lion President Ed Tober  called to order the regular meeting of the Stafford County Lions Club Board at 7:03pmon March 6, 2018 at 46 Neupauer Lane, Stafford, Va.

  Roll call

The following persons were present: Ed Tober, Pat McCormick, Rose Burrus, Wally Burrus, Fred Cannon, Karen Taylor. Call in:  Aaron Burrus 

  Approval of Board Meeting Minutes 

Lion Rose Burrus provided  the minutes of the Feb 6, 2018 board meeting via email prior to meeting. Lion Wally Burrus made the motion to accept minutes; 2d by Lion Pat McCormick and vote was unanimous in favor to accept. 

Approval of Treasurer Report

Lion Wally Burrus presented monthly treasurer’s report.  Motion to accept as submitted by Lion Fred Cannon and 2d by Lion Karen Taylor. Vote taken, unanimous in favor to accept as provided.

Committee Reports


Lions Sara Cannon and Michaun Harrison have completed orientation. In progress for Janet Siebert; plan for induction at March 20thgeneral membership meeting.


Chevron and letter received for Lion Mark Smith; to be given at March 20thmeeting


Thank you letters and email follow-up to guests of Open House. 


After action report on Open House held Feb 25thto be submitted as part of meeting minutes.


Raffle for one new member and one existing member to be done at March 20thmeeting.



Request for additional bake sale fundraiser tabled for approval till next board meeting, April 3, 2018.


Work continues on Dinner in the Dark; mention to consider a paid ad in the Free Lance Star; Lion Rose will research and provide details via email.


Colonial Forge HS LEO Club pancake breakfast fundraiser work in progress.


Lion Rose Burrus made a motion to accept event planning guide as accepted procedures for approaching new and recurring activities; Lion Pat McCormick provided a 2d and vote was unanimous in favor of adopting. 



Senior visitation initial meeting to be held March 21st for further planning.

Coordination will be in the works for vision screening of Stafford County Schools pre-school children. 

Dates for Adopt-A-Highway (May 19th, Sep 22d, Nov 10th) will be announced at general membership meeting as well as social outing to The Market at Grelen (April 12th). 

Marketing/Communications– DID program working; deadline for publisher is March 20th

Nomination Committee: Candidate slate sent to members March 5th; Lion Ed made a motion to add the Lion Tamer/Tail Twister as an elected member of the board; Motion was 2d by Lion Karen Taylor and vote was 4 in favor and 3 opposed; motion passed by quorum. Revised slate will be provided to members. 

Miscellaneous Notes & Working Items:

  • Candidate slate will be updated with Lion Tamer/Tail Twister as an elected member of the board
  • Art items disposal to be discussed next board meeting


Centennial Legacy Project


Stafford County School Board provided purchase information on an alternative bench (very low maintenance) versus the wooden benches we proposed. Cost is $887.00 approximately; info sheet provided board members. Request made to contact The Gardens of Stafford as an alternate location for wooden benches. Lion Rose will follow up and provide update. 


New Business:

Delegate forms to be completed and mailed for District 24 State Conference May 17-20, 2018. Lions Wally and Rose Burrus plan to attend and vote on behalf of the club. 

Request made to sponsor baseball team Lion Jim Hepner coaches. Lion Pat McCormick made a motion to support the team with a $200 donation which includes our club logo and website on their banner. 2d provided by Lion Karen Taylor; vote was unanimous in favor to accept

Board tabled request for donation to support individual mission expenses till next meeting.     


adjourned the meeting at 8:49pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Rose Burrus

Minutes approved by:  Board meeting held 4/3/18, Lions Ed Tober, Wally Burrus, Fred Cannon, Pat McCormick and Rose Burrus. Lion Pat made the motion to accept March Board Meeting minutes as submitted; 2d provided by Lion Wally Burrus; vote in favor to accept by 5 (quorum)



Addendum to March Meeting Minutes:

Request to board for disbursement of check (donation) to the Foundation Fighting Blindness for $1,000 for the night of the Dinner in the Dark event held on March 24, 2018.  

Motion made by Lion Rose Burrus

2d provided by Lion Pat McCormick

Vote as follows: Yes (6) Concur (1)

Motion approved

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