Stafford County Lions Club

Meeting Minutes

October 3, 2017

Call to order

Lion President Ed Tober  called to order the regular meeting of the Stafford County Lions Club Board at 7:01pm on October 3, 2017 at 46 Neupauer Lane, Stafford, Va.

Roll call

The following persons were present: Ed Tober, Pat McCormick, Rose Burrus, Wally Burrus, Fred Cannon and via phone Aaron Burrus. Proxy for Karen Taylor was Rose Burrus

Approval of Board Meeting Minutes from last meeting

Lion Rose provided  the minutes of the September board meeting. Lion Pat McCormick made the motion to accept as submitted; 2d by Lion Fred Cannon and vote was unanimous in favor.

Treasurer Report

Lion Wally presented monthly treasurer’s report.  Motion to approve as submitted by Lion Rose Burrus and 2d by Lion Pat McCormick. Vote taken, unanimous in favor to accept.

Committee Reports

         Fundraising – Notes provided by Lion Karen Taylor; will finalize sponsor letter for Dinner in the Dark next week; Working on possible pancake breakfast/baby-sitting event with Santa with LEOs; future fundraiser a book sale before school is out next year; will send out reminder on change jars to be collected at next general meeting; Need to discuss sharing of bake sale proceeds with LEOs

         Service – Food for Life, Nov 4; continue to search and provide a variety of service projects; Oct & Nov very busy with vision and hearing screenings in Stafford County Schools

         Briefly discussed partnership with Smart Beginnings; Lion Rose made a motion to support pending board review of language of MOA; 2d by Lion Fred, vote taken, unanimous in favor

         Marketing/Communications – Draft flyer for Dinner in the Dark displayed; no other updates

         Misc – No update on Adopt-A-Highway

                     Motion made by Lion Fred to pay for meal for new LEO advisor if she attends October general membership meeting; 2d by Lion Pat and vote was unanimous in favor

Pending Actions:

  • Lion Rose provide invite to new LEO advisor to October general meeting
  • Coordinate with Lion Sharon and Bud for club Christmas party
  • Badges for new members, Alex, Michele and Jim
  • Adjournment        

Lion President Ed Tober  adjourned the meeting at 7:50pm.

Minutes submitted by:  Rose Burrus

Minutes approved by:  


Addendum: Motion made by Lion Rose Burrus to add a LEO club (school to be determined)

Motion to 2d by Lion Pat McCormick


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