The Lions Club of South Central St. Catherine came about through a friendly meeting and resultant conversation between two of its members –Lions Robert Allen and Sybil Allen (no relations) Lion Sybil, a past Lioness who was no longer in Lionism at that time, told Lion Robert that she still had an earnest desire to serve her community and country through Liionism and that, if ever he was leaving the Lions Club of Spanish Town, she would be willing to accept membership, if offered, in a Club that he would be joining.

Lion Robert told her that he would think about it  and would communicate with her soon. This immediately sparked a train of thought in Lion Robert’s mind. He remembered that he had been approached several times by interested individuals who wanted to serve but for one reason or another were unable to serve through the Spanish Town Club. He then did a thorough assessment of his Lionistic future and he communicated same to Sybil.

Immediately they began calling and screening interested service-minded persons. This resulted in the first meeting of a group of individuals in August 1995, which formed the base upon which the Lions Club of South Central St. Catherine was founded.

From the very outset, there were those who never wanted another Club being formed in the environs of Spanish Town and had no faith in the group. On several occasions, the group almost gave up; but being true Lions at heart, through Lionism.

However, special thanks to Zone Chairman Carmen Chen, who had faith in us; Lion Dr. Eddie Lee for “daily” encouragement and advice; Lion Dennis Montague for encouragement and advice also; and thanks to District Governor, Lion “Herbie” Edwards, for giving his blessing to that initial small spark which erupted into a giant flame and became the Lions Club of South Central St. Catherine. Indeed, A STAR WAS BORN!

The members of this new Club -- at that time -- pledged their commitment to the ideals of Lionism and are sincerely hoping that they will be allowed to operate within the true spirit of this great organization, trusting that they will all share Lionistic fellowship with their colleagues in service.


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