1.  Eyeglass Recycling

SMLC continues to collect used eyeglasses (prescription, reading, and sunglasses) for recycling at the New Jersey Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center located in Trenton, NJ.  The Club has designated two major collection areas in the borough of Somerville.  In addition, the Club visits the Eyeglass Recycling Center at least once a year to volunteer in the many areas where help is needed (sorting, moving, classifying donated glasses).

2.  Prescription Eyeglasses for Needy Members of the Community

SMLC has helped Somerset area residents acquire new prescription eyeglasses.  It will continue to assist in this area as long as our help is needed.

3.  Somerset Food Bank

Volunteering at the Somerset Food Bank is a fun activity for the Club.  Not only are we able to help sort out donated goods but also able to build camaraderie with other members in the community.  In addition, the Club has been donating a portion of its charity funds to the Food Bank.

4.  Soup Kitchen - Somerville

Last Easter 2009, SMLC has started to get involved in a program of feeding the hungry in the community. Members volunteered their time to help provide meals to needy members in the community via the SHIP's (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program) Mobile Soup Kitchen in the Somerville area.  SMLC has committed to continue doing this in the future, especially during the holidays.  In addition, SMLC has been doing its annual 5K Run/Walk To Curb Hunger (started in 2011) to raise funds for SHIP.

In the summer of 2017, under the leadership of then President Rogel Bautista, SMLC ventured into serving lunch with SHIP every 2nd Thursday of the month.

5.  Scholarships

SMLC has awarded its first scholarship last June 2010.  The very first award went to a graduating student at Somerville High School.  Since then, the Club has been giving scholarships to graduating high school students from SHS and/or Immaculata High School.

6.  Donations to New Jersey Lions charities

Since it was chartered in 2007, SMLC has been donating yearly to projects approved by Multiple District 16.

7.  Others

SMLC has donated to victims of calamities, most recently the Haiti earthquake victims and the Philippine flood victims.






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