History of Sayreville Lions
The South River Lions Club sponsored the Sayreville Lions Club which was chartered on July 15, 1936, one day after the South River Club received their charter. South River was sponsored by the The New Brunswick Lions Club. South River had twenty-nine charter members and Sayreville had twenty eight. Like South River, Sayreville had a dedicated membership that responded to the needs of its community and demonstrated the principles of Lionism to the fullest extent. This tradition has continued through the eighty years the Sayreville Club has served this community.
Melvin Jones Fellows (MJF)
The Melvin Jones Fellowship Program was established in 1973 in honor of Melvin Jones, the founder of Lions Clubs International. Melvin Jones Fellowships are given to individuals in recognition of unrestricted donations of US $1,000 to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). Such a contribution illustrates a significant commitment to humanitarian service and allows LCIF to perform such miracles as preserving sight, combating disability, promoting health and providing disaster relief around the world.
Sayreville has been fortunate in having been able to recognize fifteen of its members for their outstanding service and dedication in sponsoring them for a Melvin Jones Fellowship. Included in this list are
Lion John Derent, Past District Governor Ben Dominik, Lion Willard Zach, Lion Eric Shuler, Lion Ed Boyler, Lion Ken Kreismer, Lion Casper Boehm, Lion Richard Schmidt, Lion Carmen Spezzi, Lion Joan Lytkowski, Lion Lynn Paul, Lion Douglas Cowan, Past District Governor Jim Mulvey,Lion Joel Bloom, and Lion Richard Brauchle. In addition, Doctor Richard Frankel; Past District Governor Andrew Lytkowski, Lion Ed Tauber, Past Disrict Governor Dawn Kosobucki and Lion Kevin Kosobucki, members of the Sayreville Club were awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship at the District level for their sight conservation work.
District Governors of 16-D
The Sayreville Club has been one of the most active clubs in the State and certainly in the District for many years. As an indication of this leadership, Sayreville has provided four District Governors, Lion Ben Dominik , Lion Andrew Lytkowski, Lion James Mulvey and Lion Dawn Kosobucki to lead and encourage the 50 clubs of Multiple District 16-J.


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