Welcome to the Salem Host Lions Club Committees page.  Learn about what Committees we have and the Lion members of each Committee.

Fundraising/Concession Committee:

     Warner Bonderman, Chair (Captain Homeside)

     Jack Mundy (Captain Visitors Side)

     Jim Robertson, Jr. (Captain Broom Sales)    

     Harold Reedy

     Ivan Doucette    

     Sheila Phipps

     Danny Harris

     Tim Miller

     Mike Caldwell

Finance Committee:

     Danny Harris, Co-Chair

     Tim Miller, Co-Chair

     Jim Archer

     Barry Dick

     Bruce Lewis

     Jack Mundy

     Chris Whisnant

Membership Committee:

      Chris Whisnant, Chair   

     Ken Beadling, Asst. Chair

     Alan Boyce

     Mike Thomas

     Lee Niday

Nominating Committee:

     Jim Archer, Chair    

     Barry Dick

     Jim Robertson, Jr.

     Bruce Lewis

Program Committee:

     Bruce Lewis, Chair

     Jerry DeGraff,

     Earl Pettrey

Public Relations/Social Media:

      Lee Niday, Chair (Facebook & website)

     Tom McClure (Photography)

     Jenny Poland, Press Liason (Facebook)

Scholarship Committee:

     James A. Robertson, Chair

     Randy Harris

     Jenny Poland

     Joe Kirby

     Marlene Wine

Sight Conservation Committee:

      Harold Reedy, Chair

     Danny Harris (SPOT Vision Co-Coordinator)

     Tim Miller (SPOT Vision Co-Coordinator)

     Jim Archer (RAVE)

     Bill Hibbert (Eyeglass Recycling Coordinator)

     Jim Arnold

     Beth Boyce

     Ivan Doucette

     Jenny Poland (RAVE)

Special Events Committee (Picnic, Christmas, Valentines):

     Barry Dick, Chair

     Harold Reedy

     Marlene Wine

     Beth Boyce

Youth Outreach Committee (Leo Club, Bland Music):

     Andrea Franklin, Chair (Leo Club)                             

     Jerry DeGraff (Bland)

     Beth Boyce

     Jenny Poland

     Jim Archer

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