Welcome to the Salem Host Lions Club Committees page.  Learn about what Committees we have and the Lion members of each Committee.

Fundraising/Concession Committee:

     Warner Bonderman, Chair (Captain Homeside)

     Jack Mundy (Captain Visitors Side)

     Jim Robertson, Jr. (Captain Broom Sales)    

     Harold Reedy

     Ivan Doucette    

     Sheila Phipps

     Danny Harris

     Tim Miller

     Tom Sixbey

     Mike Caldwell

Finance Committee:

     Danny Harris, Co-Chair

     Tim Miller, Co-Chair

     Jim Archer

     Barry Dick

     Bruce Lewis

     Jack Mundy

     Tom Sixbey

     Chris Whisnant

Membership Committee:

      Chris Whisnant, Chair   

     Ken Beadling, Asst. Chair

     Alan Boyce

     Mike Thomas

Nominating Committee:

     Jack Mundy, Chair

     Jim Archer    

     Barry Dick

     Jim Robertson, Jr.

Program Committee:

     Bruce Lewis, Chair

     Jerry DeGraff,

     Earl Pettrey

Public Relations/Social Media:

     Harold Reedy, Chair (website)

     Tom McClure (Photography)

     Lee Niday (Facebook & Website)

     Jenny Poland (Facebook)

Scholarship Committee:

     James A. Robertson, Chair

     Randy Harris

     Jenny Poland

     Joe Kirby

     Marlene Wine

Sight Conservation Committee:

     Randy Harris, Chair

     Harold Reedy (SPOT Vision Co-Coordinator)

     Tim Miller (SPOT Vision Co-Coordinator)

     Jim Archer (RAVE)

     Bill Hibbert (Eyeglass Recycling Coordinator)

     Jim Arnold

     Beth Boyce

     Ivan Doucette

Special Events Committee (Picnic, Christmas, Valentines):

     Barry Dick, Chair

     Harold Reedy

     Marlene Wine

     Beth Boyce

Youth Outreach Committee (Leo Club, Bland Music):

     Randy Harris, Chair (Leo Club)                             

     Jerry DeGraff (Bland)

     Jenny Poland 

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