The following are the goals of the club over the next fiscal year; read them to learn more!

  1. Membership Initiatives. As with many service clubs, membership is a challenge and our club membership is aging. Our strenuous fund-raising initiatives, especially the concessions stand, require us to recruit and retain members who will help spread the workload required of us. The primary task is to invite others to join our Club! This is a basic obligation of membership. We are open to all, but our greatest need is for younger, active, service-oriented individuals. We also seek diversity – the more, the better! We must also launch and develop new initiatives -such as adding membership as a discussion point at all Club meetings, aggressively building our social media capabilities, and increasing our visibility in the Community to encourage others in embracing our motto, ‘We Serve!’
  2. Community Visibility & Engagement. We must increase Public Relations through the expanded use of social media and through seeking projects that will maximize public exposure. The concessions stand already does this, if we find ways to ‘leave the confines’ of our place of work and share the story of its value to the Community. The Library Children’s Garden is another example of giving back to the Community in a visible and enduring way. Such projects must be promoted in the context of growing our membership in support of our first goal. Another thought is to initiate a letter-writing campaign to local business owners/managers to share our contributions to the Community and to encourage them to pass on to their employees the benefits of Service to individuals, companies, and our Club. In all cases, expand our followership on social media to inform the Public.
  3. Strategic Plan Completion and Enactment. This project was begun under the leadership of Past President Jack Mundy. I am asking him to head up an ad hoc committee to complete a review of our financial means, our fund-raising platforms and capabilities and our ability to sustain the Club out to the completion of our first 100 years (a 16-year horizon) and beyond. Key elements of this assessment necessitate assumptions about membership. All three goals are dependent on one another and must be addressed to maximize our Club’s continued contribution in funds, volunteerism, and contribution to the Community.


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