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The Rowlett Lions Club is one of 46,000 Lions Clubs in the International Association of Lions Clubs.

Lions Clubs began in Chicago in 1917 and with the addition of clubs in Canada and Mexico by 1920, became an International Organization. 

Today, Lions Clubs are in 207 countries and there are 1.4 million men and women members which makes it the largest non-profit service organization on the planet!

The Rowlett Lions Club was chartered in April, 1966 and since that time has served Rowlett and the surrounding communities with charitable service. Please read our Mission page.


Our membership as of December 2013 is 29.  We have 15 men and 14 women. Our members are business owners, chamber of commerce members, City council members, and retirees. We would like to grow our membership for the purpose of being a stronger, more effective service organization. With new members comes new ideas, new energy, and new insight into the needs of the community.  We are more diverse in our gender and age than ever before. In the last 3 years we have added a dozen women while dropping 3.  We have also added younger members which has reduced our average age by nearly 20 years. 


The Lions Club founder was a Chicago businessman named Melvin Jones.  His vision was a world wide organization dedicated to improving the lives of the less fortunate.  This mission is as valid today as it was in 1917.

The Rowlett Lions Club shares this mission as well and serves the less fortunate by giving in three categories. They are 1) International programs and campaigns set by the International foundations; 2) District Charities and State organizations: and 3) Our community which is Rowlett and the neighboring areas as we determine. 

The beauty of the International Association of Lions Clubs is that International Headquarters allows each individual club to establish and maintain their own Mission.

What is important to the Rowlett Lions Club is our community, the City of Rowlett and its citizens. More specifically, the Lions want a safe, nurturing environment for the children of Rowlett. We know that there will always be unmet needs of children and by fulfilling those needs we are improving the chances for a brighter future for every citizen. Our children are our future leaders and we must ensure that they have every opportunity to thrive and to learn in order to guarantee our way of life through service and leadership.

Simply stated, the Mission of the Rowlett Lions Club is:

To improve the lives of the children of our community


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