The Presho Medicine Creek Lions officially received their charter January 27, 1968. The first official meeting was held on March 13, 1968. Attending were five Lions from the sponsoring Murdo Lions Club - Lions Jr. Cressey, Walt Prahl, Jerry Miller, Willard Burns and Bill Shelton. Two guests from Winner Lions Club also attended - Lions Laddie Base and Ralph Belme.

After a discussion of the purposes and goals of a Lions Club, and a history of the area Clubs' numerous projects, a mock meeting was held complete with acting Secretary and Tail-Twister. This was followed by election of officers. 

Elected as Club officers were the following Lions:
President – Frank Brost
1st Vice President – Owen Garnos
2nd Vice President – Bob Cameron
3rd Vice President – Gerald Cleveland
Secretary -Harry Hilgeman
Treasurer – Edward (Pal) Jessop
Tail-Twister – Arvid Ambur

Directors 2 year term     -Mike Nelson
                                      -Lloyd Husman
                                      -Ted Brown
                                      -Lawrence Ambur
1 year term, Lion tamer -Jim Lunder

The Presho Medicine Creek Lions started with 37 members.  Club Charter Night was held April 6, 1968 with around 145 members, wives and others from area Clubs.


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