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Penbrook Lions' History

The Penbrook Lions Club was founded in January 1946. With 13 members present – all local businessmen – the Penbrook Lions Club was chartered in March 1946 by Lions Club International.

At one time, every business owner and every elected Borough Official served the our community and its residents by becoming a member of the Penbrook Lions Club. Can you imagine the sense of pride these members had in our community? Can you imagine bringing that sense of pride back to our community?

Since 1946, the Penbrook Lions Club has provided and/or supported many community projects – some of which include playground equipment, youth athletic teams, school projects, scouting projects, health projects and safety projects.

Today, the Penbrook Lions Club's 45+ members work diligently to give back to our community. We start each new year with our annual FREE traditional pork and sauerkraut dinner to our borough residents. We host an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the young children, present one of the area’s largest Halloween Parades, we recognize elementary and middle school students through our "student of the month" program and award scholarship to a graduating Penbrook senior. We also offer assistance to those in need of visual care, we offer disaster relief, and we contribute to the aid of the homeless.

Our programs are continually changing to meet new needs and greater demands, but our mission has never wavered: "We Serve." Our Club has completed a 4-step process on how to better service our community. If you know of ways that you feel we could better serve, please contact me at – suggestions will be presented to the board for consideration.

We are also the proud sponsor of the PENBROOK LEO CLUB. With teens ranging in age from 12 through 19, we are the only local community-based Leo Club in our District. We have almost 20+ teens serving our community and there's always room to grow. To learn more about our Leos, visit their website at:

We operate a LIONS READING DEN – a book exchange program offered to encourage children to read, but we have acquired reading material for all ages. Our READING DEN is housed in the Grace Church at 28th & Walnut Streets. Because reservations for "storytimes" at local public library fill up quickly, our DEN is a convenient alternate. The DEN is currently open Saturday mornings from 10-11 AM with "storytimes" for various ages.  Contact Lion Tammy at 236-3064 to reserve a spot or simply drop by.

In our history, Penbrook Lions Club is home to four District Governors: the late Luther Milikin and E. Paul Clark; and PDG Jack Zimmerman and PDG Sarah Clark.

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