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President Lion Jenn


Secretary Lion Tam

Donation Request:

 All donation requests are processed and followed up on by our Budget and Finance committee.  To make their job a little easier and help them process requests faster please include the following information with your request: 

  • Contact name, telephone number, email address (if applicable) and mailing address
  • Specific service or monetary amount needed and the amount being requested from our club (remember that we receive many request and may not be able to fulfill the full amount of all requests.)
  • The reason for the request (I.E. House fire, Hearing or eye problems, etc.) 
  • If the request is for a monetary donation, we will need to know how and where the money will be used. 
  • What other organization have been asked for support or are currently supporting your cause?
  • Any other information to give us a better picture of the story (ages of people affected, how many people will be helped with a donation, etc.) 
  • Date that the donation is needed by


Send your donation requests to: 
           New-Park Lions Club

           Budget and Finance Committee

           P.O. Box 291

           Newport, MN 55055


Looking for a new volunteer opportunity?

Join us at our next business meeting or event to learn if Lions is the Organization for you.  Not only do we offer fulfilling volunteer opportunities in our community, we also offer opportunities to help people all over the world.  Members of Lions often state that they love Lions not only for the volunteerism, but the camaraderie.  With the relationships that we build with our club members and other Lions, we can expand our reach to surrounding communities as well as to global initiatives. 

Contact us for more information on Lions, meetings and events.

We would love to meet you!  Come join us! 

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