A number of Lions attended the New Germany High SchoolLeo Club induction - Lion Mark Durnford, Advisor for NS Leo Clubs, New Germany Lions Brenton Wagner, Roger Carver, Pat Wentzell and Lester Wentzell..

Newly inducted Leos for 2017-18 with school staff advisor Sherrene Conrad, left, and Leo Advisor Lions Deb Featherby, right.



New Germany King Lion Donnie Fancy inducting the Leo Club executive - Leos Jillian, Colby, Paige and Mason.


Proud Lions Donnie Fancy and Deb Featherby with the Leo Club executive.


The Leo and Lions Club booth at the New Germany Wellness Expo.

Leo Chloe handing out brochures at the New Germany Wellness Expo.

Leo Mason hamming it up for the camera at the New Germany Wellness Expo.






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