• Any person of legal majority and good moral character and good reputation in his community may be granted membership in this Lions club.
  • An active member is entitled to seek any office in the club, district or association and the right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership. Obligations include regular attendance, prompt payment of dues, participation in club activities and conduct reflecting a favorable image of this Lions club in the community.
  • Membership in the club shall be by invitation only. Nominations shall be made on forms provided by the club, signed by a member in good standing who shall act as sponsor, and be submitted to the club secretary or membership chairman. If approved by a majority of the board of directors, the prospect may then be invited to become a member. A properly filled out membership form and membership fee must be in the hands of the secretary before the member may be officially inducted into the club or be reported to Lions Clubs International as a club member.
  • Cost - Commitment to help others and to be generous with your time and a little money. Dues are $65.50 per quarter, which covers your meals at dinner meetings, Lions vest, pin, T-shirt and cap. There is a $25 initiation fee payable to Lions International.
  • Family memberships are also available. Click here for full information.

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