Chartered October 7, 1943
Natchitoches Lions Club
Club #003847
Lions International
Presented Charter December 2, 1943
President                                 Dr. John A. Jones
1st Vice President                   A.C. Maddox
2nd Vice President                 C.I. Martin
3rd Vice President                  Hubert P. Scott
Secretary / Treasurer            J.T. Batten, CPA
Tail Twister                             Patrick C. Kennedy
Lion Tamer                             Dr. Troy Wheeler
1 Year Director                       Romain Guillory
1 Year Director                       B. Corley
2 Year Director                       Dr. R.S. Roy
2 Year Director                       H.L. Sisson
T.M. Aldridge               Edward A. Lee, Jr.    Mercer Scott
W.O. Baker                  Coleman Martin        Roundtree Sessions
Raymond E. Gregg      S.L. Perry                 J.E. Simmons
July 1987
Lions Club opened to Ladies as well as Men
1943-44  Dr. John Jones
1944-45  A.C. Maddox
1945-46  Coleman Martin
1946-47  Payton Cunningham
1947-48  Bert Boyd
1948-49  J.W. Worsley
1949-50  Charles Blanchard
1950-51  Dick Noah
1951-52  Dr. W.J. Robinson, PDG 
1952-53  Irby Knotts
1953-54  Clyde Bostick 
1954-55  Carl Wilson
1955-56  George Walker
1956-57  E.W. Robertson
1957-58  Dwight Davis
1958-59  Terry Stroud, Jr.
1959-60  Tandy McElwee
1960-61  William Beyer 
1961-62  Lewis Helms
1962-63  Orin Foster, PCC 
1963-64  Leonard Fowler
1964-65  Caesar Moody
1965-66  Allen Posey
1966-67  Don Hargis
1967-68  Dr. Ralph Fell
1968-69  Dr. Robert Alost
1969-70  Neill Jackson
1970-71  Dr. Charles Wommack
1971-72  Irby Knotts
1972-73  Scriven Taylor
1973-74  W.D. Carter
1974-75  Raymond Christensen, PDG
1975-76  Mike Murphy
1976-77  Dr. Hoyt Reed
1977-78  Orin Foster, PCC
1978-79  Bill Pierce
1979-80  Dr. Tommy Dunagan
1980-81  Kenneth Dutile  
1981-81  Dr. Jack Eversull    
1981-83  Dr. Raymond Gilbert
1983-84  Bill Allison
1984-85  Dr. Rex Every
1985-86  Marshall Hough
1986-87  Dr. Ed Anders
1987-88  Gene Doll
1988-89  Danny Robertson
1989-90  James Goff
1990-91  Robert Weaver
1991-92  Clyde Osborn
1992-93  Dr. Lisso Simmons, PDG
1993-94  Leigh Perkins
1994-95  Dr. Leland Scoggins, PDG
1995-96  Boyd Durr
1996-97  Debbie Waskom
1997-98  Dr. Ed Anders
1998-99  Don Brown, PDG
1999-00  Sue Weaver
2000-01  Nick Pollacia
2001-02  Puddy Bowen
2002-03  David Graham
2003-04  Matt Williams
2004-05  Sophie Packard
2005-06  Brad Ferguson
2006-07  Gene Spillman
2007-08  Sunny Arceneaux
2008-09  Michele Waskom
2009-10  Dr. Pete Wardell
2010-11  Dr. William Broussard
2011-12  Mimi Stoker
2012-13 Keith Miller
2013-14 Donald B. Brown, PCC
2014-15 Kelli Sampson
2015-16 Brandon McKee
1990   Dr. Walter J. Robinson, PDG  
1991   Will Taylor                                          
1993   Orin F. Foster, PCC                          
1993   Clyde M. Bostick                                
1993   Robert W. Wangenstein                    
1993   Raymond L. Christensen, PDG  
1994   Paul Sparks                                       
1994   Irby Knotts                                          
1994   A. Neill Jackson                                  
1995   Sidney Evans                                    
1996   Dr. Lisso Simmons, PDG                  
1997   Wayne Otwell                                    
1997   Dr. Raymond Gilbert                     
1999   Dr. Leland Scoggins, PDG                
1999   “Bill” Boydstun
2000    Dr. Ed Anders
2000    Debbie Waskom
2002    Don Brown,PCC                                 
2004   Raborn Rains                                    
2006   Gene Spillman                                   
2007   Troy Durr                                            
2008   Michele Waskom                               
2009   Sophie Packard                                 
2010   Sunny Arceneaux                               
2010   John McTyre                                      
2010   Don Brown, PDG                               
2010   Dr. Lisso Simmons, PDG 
2011   Orin Foster, PCC
2011   Mimi Stoker
2012   Kelli Sampson
2012   Rev. James Poole
2013   Sue Weaver
2014   Brad Ferguson
2015   Sonny Evans
2015   Grady Ebert
1983-84   Bill Boydstun                            
                  Raymond L. Christensen, PDG              
                  Orin Foster, PCC                                  
1982-83   Dr. Raymond Gilbert                  
                  Robert W. Wangenstein                        
                  Tom Elkins                                           
1996-97   Dr. Lisso Simmons, PDG          
1998-99   Don Brown, PDG                      
2001-02   Dr. Leland Scoggins, PDG         
2002-03   Rayborn Rains                          
2003-04   Troy Durr                                  
2005-06   Michele Waskom                      
2006-07   Gene Spillman                          
2007-08   Sophie Packard                        
2008-09   Dr. Pete Wardell                       
2009-10   Sonny Evans                            
2010-11   Carol Green
2011-12   John McTyre
2012-13   Kelli Sampson
2013-14   Brandon McKee
2014-15   Tina Ragan
2015-16   Dr. Cheryl Stoker
1958-59   Walter Robinson, PDG              
1976-77   Raymond Christensen, PDG      
1985-86   Orin Foster, PCC                      
1996-97   Dr. Lisso Simmons, PDG          
2004-05   Dr. Leland Scoggins, PDG         
2009-10   Don Brown, PCC 
2011-12   Gene Spillman, PDG
2014-15   Michele Waskom, PDG                     
1988-89   Raymond L. Christensen, PDG
1998-99   Orin F. Foster, PCC
2014-15   Michele Waskom, PDG
President                      Tina Ragan
1st Vice President         Dr. Cheryl Stoker 
2nd Vice President        Cindy Chester
3rd Vice President         Michele Waskom, PDG
Secretary                      Kelli Sampson
Treasurer                      Jack Fletcher
Lion Tamer                   John and Mildred McTyre
Tail Twister                   Mimi Stoker
One Year Board            Brad Ferguson
One Year Board            Brenda Stamey
Two Year Board            Heather Fredieu
Two Year Board            Marilyn Brungart
Membership Chair        Chad Hancock 
Past President              Brandon McKee
Song Leader                 
Pianist                           Sophie Packard

2016-2017 COMMITTEES   (C) = Chair

Finance - Jack Fletcher (C), Tina Ragan, Chad Hancock, Brandon McKee, Cheryl Stoker, Don Brown
Fundraising - Tina Ragan (C), Brandon McKee, Don Brown, Gene Spillman, Josh Pierson, Jack Fletcher
Programs - Board Members
Sight & Hearing - Carol Green (C),  Dr. Cheryl Stoker,  Dr. Lisso Simmons,  Cindy Chester
Scholarship - Tina Ragan (C), Dr. Cheryl Stoker, Wayne Ragan, Sopie Packard, Sunny Arceneaux
Membership - Chad Hancock (C), Sonny Evans, Brandon McKee, Kelli Sampson
Cubsight - Heather Fredieu (C), Josh Pierson, Brandon McKee, Mimi Stoker, Kelli Sampson,
                   Tina Ragan, Connie Hare, Jack Fletcher, Bernie Harris
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