Lions Club Family Memberships

Invite your family to participate in our club's next community event, because as a family unit, you can receive a dues discount when volunteering together. As a Lions family unit you can:

  • Increase quality family time
  • Be a role model
  • Help your community

This program applies to family members eligible for Lions membership in and/or joining the same club and living in the same household related by birth, marriage and other legal means - such as parents, children, spouses, aunts/uncles, cousins, grandparents and in-laws of spouses.

Meet our Members

Take a close look at our Lions Club's Membership and see if you recognized a friend, relative, neighbor, co-worker or acquaintaince that you would like to serve with to improve Millersport and Walnut Township. If you do not recognize anyone on the list, we would still love for you to join our Lions Club Family. Making new friends is just one of the many benefits of being a Lion.    

Ed Abram, Pickerington

Lance Alley, Millersport

Dottie Bell, Millersport

Dan Booze, Lancaster

Jim & Rosemary Bower, Millersport

Eddie Bowers, San Marcos, Texas

Roy Brewer, Hebron

Jeff & Tammy Brison, Millersport

David Brookover, Thornville

John Camm, Fairfield Beach

Tom & Carol Camm, Fairfield Beach

Larry Carle, Baltimore

Marcia Carpenter, Somerset

Shawn & Tonya Carter, Millersport

Marc Coakley, Millersport

Marck Consolo, Millersport

Ralph Davis, Millersport

Dan Dick, Dublin

Dale Dickson, Alexandria

Dr. Brett & Dr. Nancy Dietz, Granville

Samantha Dunbar, Baltimore

Ron Emrich, Fairfield Beach 

Linda Freeman, Lancaster

Debra Gant, Hebron

Joe & Tammy Gant, Millersport

Alice Graham, Buckeye Lake

Jennifer Graham, Buckeye Lake

Richard Harlow, Millersport

Terry Harris, Millersport

Reggie Harris, Lancaster

Kelvin & Robin Hite, Whitehall

David Holtz, Thornville

Bob James, Millersport

Rosemary Jordan, Millersport

Eddie Keller, Millersport

Gary & Mary Keller, Obetz

Glen & Karen Keller, Millersport

Kris Keller, Columbus

Ron & Kitty Keller, Millersport

PDG Ted & Dina Keller, Millersport

Gene & Judy Lane, Millersport

Mike McKenzie, Millersport

Lisa Mitchell, Baltimore

Sharon Moore, Buckeye Lake

Karen Mosher, Thornville

Gene Munn, Millersport

Jim Murphy, Millersport

Richard Neff, Fairfield Beach

Tom Newlon, Millersport

PDG Ed Otte, Millersport

Kim Oxley, Millersport

Nicholas & Donna Pandolf, Millersport

Susan Ramsey, Millersport

Lloyd Robertson, Fairfield Beach

David Roshon, Millersport

Larry Sainsbury, Hebron

Vivian Schroeder, Millersport

Carol Scott, Newark

Rondia Sexton, Columbus

Henry & Elizabeth Shover, Millersport

Steve Shover, Millersport

Jessica Slater, Hebron

Ermal Smith, Pataskala

Steve Sparks, Millersport

Neal & Tamarra Stephens, Millersport

Anna Belle Toland, Millersport

Barb Trumps, Fairfield Beach

Jim Waller, Millersport

Jack Whitney, Fairfield Beach

Bob Willison, Millersport

Di Wintermute, Millersport

Sandy & Debbie Wright, Millersport

Bill Yates, Millersport

Ralph & Helen Yencer, Buckeye Lake

John Yorde, Pataskala




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