Vision Screening

Lions Vision and Hearing Screening Programme

The purpose of this screening is to identify children at risk of potentially having vision loss that is preventable and to notify parents of the need for a complete eye examination for those children who do not pass the screening.

The vision and hearing screening program is provided to  children in JK and SK  as part of our Lions District Initiative.  This is a  free service by the Millbrook and District Lions Club in your community.

This screens how well the child can see with each eye, how well he or she can see at a distance, and how well both eyes work together (depth perception).  The screening instruments used make no physical contact with your child and do not require eye drops. This screening can detect the presence of vision problems which could place your child at risk for developing amblyopia ("lazy eye"), as well as vision problems that can delay reading and learning.

A yearly eye exam is covered by OHIP for children under 18; it is highly recommended that visits to an optometrist become part of your child's health routine.

If you have a child in JK and/or Sk at the following schools which this Lions club services please be sure to sign the permission form.

Millbrook South Cavan PS, North Cavan PS, James Strath PS, Roger Neilson PS, and St Alphonsus CES.


Environmental Projects

We planted trees at the Stevenson's farmas part of the LCI drive in 2011-12 to plant 1 million trees worldwide . Final total 4 million worldwide.


Fishing Derby

                  Last Saturday of April


Millbrook Car Show

 Saturday July 7, 2018 starting at 8 am in picturesque downtown Millbrook.


4th Line Theatre

For information on 2018 shows schedule either call 705 932-4445 or 1-800-814-0055 or go to  Come and enjoy outdoor theatre at its best.


Pet Valu  Walk for Dog Guides

This walk is done usually in late May and is in support of the Lions Foundation of Canada.

The Lions Foundation of Canada raises and trains 6 kinds of dog guides:  Canine Vision Dog Guides for the blind or visually impaired, Hearing Ear Dogs for the deaf or hard of hearing, Special Skills Dog Guides for medical or physical disabilities, Seizure Response Dog Guides for those with epilepsy, Autism Assistance Dog Guides for children with autism, Diabetic Alert Dogs for diabetics who are glucose unaware.

100% of the funds raised from the  Millbrook walks and those across the country, go to raise and train dog guides for Canadians, at no cost to the client.

If you are in need of a dog guide, the website is


Millbrook Fair

June 7, 8, 9, and 10 - 2018




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