Nirmala Chandra Mahendra Maulee

Independent Investment Consultant and Edupreneur. Charter Member; Served as Director (2014-15), Secretary (2015-16 & 2016-17) of this Club.


A R Narasimha Rajan

Businessman: A Lion of 13 Years standing; Served as Membership Chairperson of this Club; Treasurer, Secretary and President (LC Madurai Prince) Guiding Lion for Kodaikanal Town (1996-97)

Imm. Past President


K M Gopinath

Insurance Advisor with Life Insurance Corporation of India. 

First Vice President



Second Vice President


Er E Krishnamoorthi

A Civil Engineer into Construction business. Served as Treasurer (2016-17)


V S Rajeswari

Homemaker; Charter Member; Served as Director of this Club (2014-15).


.K S N P Chandra Mahendra Maulee

Software Consultant; A Lion of 14 Years standing; Charter President (2014-15), LCIF Coordinator (2016-17 & 2017-18) of this Club; He was Zone Chairperson (2015-16), Jt. Cabinet Secretary (2016-17). Served as Charter Secretary, President and District Chairperson (LC Madurai Prince, 324B3). Recipient of 100% President Award (1991-92), Club President Excellence Award, International President's Appreciation Certificate (2014-15), Zone Chairperson Excellence Award (2015-16), International President's Leadership Medal (2015-16) and International President's Medel (2016-17)

LCIF Co-ordinator

T Nagendran

Businessman; Charter Member; Served as Jt. Treasurer (2014-15), Treasurer (2015-16) of this Club.

Membership Chairperson

V K Sankarlal, MJF

Retired Banking Professional; a Lion of 13 Years standing; Served as Charter Secretary (2014-15) and President (2015-16) of this Club; Served as President and Zone Chairperson (LC Madurai Prince, 324B3)  for Guiding Lion of Madurai Thendral (1996-97) and Extension Awardee for Kodaikanal Town (1996-97).











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