Camp Lion of Lynn

A wooded rustic area dedicated to the

Recreational, Educational and Habitable

use of the surrounding communities


Main Lodge Entrance

Camp Lion came into existence in 1946.  It consisted of approximately 150 acres.  The lions of the day thought it beneficial to keep an area forever wild as a refuge because of the urban expansion taking place throughout the communities.   It's primary use was for the Girl Scouts to afford them an experience away from urban life.  Brush was cleared, trees planted, trails developed and buildings built.  It has grown to where today as there are several facilities available for the community and is used virtually  year  'round by various groups and organizations.

In the 1960s the land was further developed with additional buildings exclusively used by Camp Fire for Girls and Boys affectionately know as Camp Waluta.  A swimming pool was also built and a trail was developed connecting the two camps.

Over time several portions were sold to help  defray cost of maintaining the land and buildings.  10 Acres, called "the swamp" was sold to Rich's Department store which is now a Wal Mart.  The City of Salem took 4 acres by eminent domain to build a water tower and another parcel was  transferred as payment for developing a road to the back part of the property. 

In the 1980s cable television came along looking to lease land for a tower.  This proved beneficial.   Later cell phone towers came along and they all rented space from us for their towers.

Today  Lions and their guests  visit and hold functions  during the course of the year.  While there, they walk the trails in the woods and fields leaving the suburban life behind at least for a little while.

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