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CNE Lions Club Booth to help to make people aware of several thing 

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Lions Booth at CNE  Lions Booth at CNE  Lions Carol, Ginny, Mike on duty

   Lions Booth at CNE                                                                    Lion Carol, Ginny, Mike

Trillium Gift of Life Beadonor Program - Organ donor registration for transplants when you pass away

Lion Raija Rosenthal is hugged by Pamela Manias, Stouffville, Ont. 

Recipient of a Heart & Double Lung transplant. 1st person of 2 in Canada since 2010 to have such transplant.  Only about 50 of those are done in a year in the entire world.  She feels great and works every day!



Lions Recycle for Site - Used eyeglasses drop boxes.

Lions Foundation of Canada "DogGuides" training facility in Oakville 

This organization trains Service Dogs for many things noted here
GuideDog Booth at CNE  Lions Ginny    
DogGuides Booth            Lion Ginny                 Lovely Guide Dogs        Friendly Guide Dogs

Pee Wee Baseball - Volunteers for food truck

Recent views from 2017




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