Club Awards

Lion of the Year

1991-92  Steve Laderberg
1990-91  Lanny Lancaster
1992-93  Don Burson
1993-94  Mike Flannigan
1994-95  Jerry Williams
1995-96  Lewis Falls
1996-97  Joe Mohon
1997-98  Chuck Estes
1998-99  Donna Bridges
1999-00  Ellen Turman
2000-01  Glenn Nolan & Sharene Nolan
2001-02  Bob Fall
2002-03  Kirk Baldwin
2003-04  Wendell White
2004-05  Nemo Larmore
2005-06  Dorothy Burson
2006-07  Steve Rosnov
2007-08  Dana G. Phillips
2008-09  Minnie Nery
2009-10  Bob Nery
2010-11  Minnie Nery & Lewis Falls
2011-12  John Clyburn & Paul Steele
2012-13  Dick Chipchak
2013-14  Bill Hoskins

Melvin Jones Fellow

1990  Bud Warren
1991  No Award Given
1992  No Award Given
1993  Lanny Lancaster, Dave Morris & Det Whitlow
1994  Don Burson, Arlen Eidson & Thurman Hewett,
1994  Steve Laderberg, Jimmy Stocks & Jerry Williams
1995  Lewis Falls, Bob Nery, Joe Virostek & Ernie Wulzer
1996  Bob Derwent
1997  Dorothy Burson, Bill Elmore & Mike Flannigan
1998  Ed Huffman & Tony Lowery
1999  Jim Reid
2000  Ken Lumpkin & Harold Smith
2001  Bob Fall & Edna Stocks
2002  John Clyburn & Bennett Tomlin
2003  Ellen Turman & Chuck Estes
2004  Sammie Reid & Wendell White
2005  Bill Hoskins & Steve Rosnov
2006  Nemo Larmore & Joe Mohon
2007  Minnie Nery
2008  Kirk Baldwin, Preston Holt & Ron Schneider
2009  Dick Chipchak
2010  Edith Eidson
2011  No award given
2012  Bill Jennings
2013  Dave Booz & Dana G. Phillips
2014  Paul Steele

Past Presidents

1990-91  Arlen Eidson
1991-92  Lewis Falls
1992-93  Doug Brown
1994-95  Don Burson
1995-96  Bill Elmore
1996-97  Bennett Tomlin
1997-98  Kevin Walter
1998-99  Jim Reid
1999-00  Chuck Estes
2000-01  Joe Mohon
2001-02  Ellen Turman
2002-03  Wendell White
2003-04  Steve Rosnov
2004-05  Linda Cupit
2005-06  Kirk Baldwin
2006-07  Dave Booz
2007-08  Marshall Duny
2008-09  Dick Chipchak
2009-10  Bruce McHenry
2010-11  Bruce McHenry
2011-12  Bill Jennings
2012-13  Dave Booz 2012-13
2013-14  Paul Steele

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