​Caterpillar on dill plant

Lion farmer Mike Herman holds a five pound sweet potato from the Jacobus Lions Community Garden. As of the end of October we have provided 3,548 pounds of crops for the Jacobus food bank and other banks and areas of need.

Head farmer Terry with his state-of-the-art tiller​Our specialist Mike planting those crops.


Lion Terry Brindle had a group of about 45 students and 3 teachers help in the garden on June 1st, Thursday afternoon for one hour each for a total 49 hours.

To make rock picking a little more interesting, Terry hid a few treasures in the dirt. A coffee cup, a horse shoe and a paving brick. He also gave out prizes for the largest rock, Legos, and a large piece of concrete. The prizes were People's Garden T-shirts.


June 17th plantings:


​June Tomatoes, potatoes and cabbage


May 2016

The Garden has gotten off to a great start. As of May 12, 2016 we have planted cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce. A total of 21 dozen plants. 40 lb. of potatoes and 2 lb. of onions. 

Many pounds of rocks have been picked. Any time you want to stop by for 30 minutes and pick rocks, there are buckets either in the shed or sitting inside the fence. Just dump them in the tractor bucket.

Our first harvest of the season happened Wednesday, May 11th in the morning. We had planted spinach last fall and it was ready to be picked.

Please put all weeds in the mulch pile next to the driveway. Leaves can also be placed there.   

A chalkboard with weekly updates on tasks that need to be done is in the shed.  This will allow anyone who wants to help know what needs to be done.  You can cross off the tasks as they are completed.  

Several gardening tools are available but please use the tools and return when you are done using them.

Binder of info:
- please find a work log, volunteer forms, volunteer hour log and general info.
- volunteer forms.  Please fill out a volunteer form, sign and leave in the binder.  It's very simple and allows me to report all the hours (and total pounds of food donated) to USDA.  Only people over 16 can be earth team volunteers however, younger people please log your time and you will still get credit for helping at the garden.
- log in the date and time you worked, along with what you accomplished.  Please log in all time, even if you are only there for 30 minutes.   It all counts!!

Tshirts - Please contact Katrina if you have earned one.

Thank you all and please pass the word!  We need lots of help over the growing season to provide healthy food to our local families in need.

Please feel free to contact Katrina any time with questions and concerns!  

Our goal this year was 2,000.

Lion Katrina

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