In 57th Year of Service
One of the Oldest and Premier Non Governmental Service Organisation in Eastern India, Inaugurated on 19th August, 1960 and Chartered by Lions Clubs International on 16th December, 1960.
A Service Organisation dedicated to the Service of Humanity :
A Service Organisation devoted to the upliftment of Poor & Down-trodden people of society.
‘LCH’ is constituted :
To encourage service minded people to serve their community with out personal financial reward and to encourage deficiency and promote high ethical standard in commerce, industry, profession, public works and private endeavours and other similar purposes and objects.
Treatment to more than :
60,000 patients a year at the fully operative six storied Howrah Lions Hospital, situated at 9, Nityadhan Mukherjee Rd., Howrah in all departments of medicine including Medical, Eye, Cornea Grafting, Vitro Retinal, Refraction, Orthopaedic, Surgical, Gynaecology, ENT, Dental, Skin, Paediatric, Homeopathy and is fully equipped with X- Ray and Pathology Departments;
20,000 patients a year at Its Charushila Manmothnath Dey Memorial Unit at Jadurberia (Uluberia). 
28,000 Patients in EYE Screening Camps organised at far of villages situated within the radius of 100 Km. From our hospital as base hospital;
8,000 needless blinds by Free Cataract (IOL) Operations under our Sight First Out Reach Program;
20,000 Patients in Rural Homeo Clinics situated at Amta, Khariop, Narit, Raspur and others in the District of Howrah ;
10,000 Travelling public at First Aid Post at Howrah Station (Old Wing), situated just besides Station Superintendent’s office, is equipped to provided, ‘First Aid’ at the time of emergency or accidents to the commuters. This Centre operates from 7 A. M. to 9 P.M.
LCH is running several permanent projects as well as regular/ casual activities, details of which has been mentioned in PROJECT PAGE
Lions Club of Howrah (‘LCH’)
A Social and service organisation, important to a large public?
People often wonder ?
Lions Club of Howrah has always gone beyond its expectation?
The Answer is:
BECAUSE of its sincerity and its committed way in projects that bring about upliftment in the lives of underprivileged and the deprived.
The Concern springs from a deeply held belief that a true service organisation must encompass sincerity in recognising the debt we owe to the people of society, more than those to whom other organisation serves.
‘LCH’ understands that the time and resources thus invested comes back to the serving organisation in a long run as unexpected dividends of reputation and acceptance.
‘LCH’ has nevertheless chosen to contribute silently, remaining in background in many of its most significant projects including district projects.
‘LCH’ has contributed not merely money but also valuable time of its senior members who are talented and experienced in their field such as Company Directors, Executives, Secretaries, Chartered Accountants, Medical professionals, Consultants, Businessman, etc.
‘LCH’ has contributed substantially to national cause whether it is a war, flood, earthquake or cyclone.
To day Lions Club of Howrah is acknowledged for the steadfastness of its social concern and selfless service.
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