About a year ago, as the president of the Honolulu Chinatown lions’ club, one of my goals was to develop activities and projects, especially those relating to elementary schools and the communities in Chinatown, and thankfully, we have now developed a very good relationship with the Kauluwela Elementary School. Our members assisted in helping the teachers for the after school programs that occurred once or twice a week from the month of February to end of school year in May. Another one of my goals was to increase membership, and with our members’ cooperation and hard work, we were able to recruit 7 new members, including one member who just joined 2 weeks ago. And my last, but not the least, goal was to create a sense of family within the Chinatown lions club, and I am very pleased to say that I had a wonderful and meaningful year as the president because of all the help I received from the members of the Chinatown Lions Club. We decided to take part in the event “A Night in Chinatown,” and because many of our members participated , I believe that our members were able to establish, or re-establish a closer bond with one another thanks to our joint effort in preparing for as well as making this event happen. I would like to present our appreciation to Mr.Leonard Kam who is not a lion member yet, but he helped us to make this event possible.
As of 5/31, we had a total of 116 events and activities and a total of 616 members came to help to keep our club active.
I would like to show my appreciation to the members who helped during my one year as president:
First and foremost, is to my administrative assistant, mentor, and the reason as to why I am, and became, a lion, PDG Ernest Chang; and to another administrative assistant, and also the tail-twister, who is and was always there to help, lion Robert K.Y.Lee. To my Kauluwela Elementary School team that helped out with the school project: Lion Glenn Young, who was in charge for the project, and who also established the connection with the school and was the one in charge of keeping in touch with the school, and making sure things went smoothly; and lion members Tit. K Chun, James Meier, and my sister Naomi Tanizaki, who just joined the club this year. To the Leo club’s excellent as well as hard-working adviser Steven Yoshimura- Steven attended altogether 69 events and activities. To the environmental service team with lions Andrew lee and Loreto de la Cruz- they are still quite new to the club and yet they have worked so hard for the club. To Vivian Zhang, and Theresa Lum who were in charge for our annual fundraising event “Christmas in Ensemble” and, helping our new challenging event for the “night in china town”.
To Carol Shinsato and our new incoming president, Clifford Wong, who both were in charge of our club’s attendance record.
And to Douglas Ah Hee, who worked so hard to publish the monthly club bulletin until he become seriously ill and had to unfortunately withdraw from the vice president position.
And to Ralph Kiyan, who was my savior who took care of the position of treasurer to help me- I cannot thank him enough for what he has done to help me.
And to the owner of the Empress restaurant and a also a member of our club, Kennth Lee- who always tries to listen our requests for our club meetings- thank you !!
 To our club’s secretary Violet Yoshimura, who was always there for and came along with me no matter where I went. It was unfortunate that she was not able to attend our banquet tonight due to an emergency with her daughter who had fallen ill on the mainland. It was because of her, that I was able to survive this year.
Also, I would like to extend my appreciation to my cis Kazu, who always tried to help and understand my responsibility as a lion, and also accompanied me to events whenever he was able to come. And to my children, Nadine and Dustin, who helped me with my English speech(s) whenever they were available.
And to all the other members, it was because of your help that I was able to come this far and accomplish something for our club-
I really enjoyed being your president of this Chinatown Lions’ club and I am a proud to say that I am a lion and that together, like our motto, “we serve.”
Thank you very much- I’m DONE!!!!!




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