BEST CHOICE LABELS FOR CASH:  We are now collecting "Best Choice" Brand upc codes.  All you need to do is clip the upc code from any and all Best Choice products.  The code must have the words Best Choice above the bar code.  We will redeem these with the Best Choice Company for cash.  An interesting note for you, The Stewartsville community was able to purchase 2 new Vans for the Stewartsville School District by collecting these labels.  The Gower community is larger than Stewartsville, so just imagine what we can do.

EYE GLASS RECYCLING: The Gower Lions Club collects donations of used eye glasses to help others see. Your used eyeglasses can be used to help someone that cannot otherwise afford eyeglasses to see. Eyeglass collection points in Gower are at the Post Office and Doug's Barber Shop. Any Lion member will be happy to collect your used eyeglasses. The Gower Lions are also wanting more collection points in the city of Gower, if you are a business owner and have a place to put a collection canister please email us at this site. The Gower Lions and the Lions of Missouri also collect and recycle used hearing aids and hearing aid batteries. These items can also be left at the eyeglass collection points.


 The Gower Lions have a  project named "PROJECT AMERICAN FLAG". For a $25.00 annual subscription the Lions Club will place an 3X5 American Flag in front of your home or business on six selected holidays a year. You can subscribe at anytime of the year. Just mail a check of $25.00 for each flag that you want, with your name address and phone number to; Gower Lions Club, PO Box 42, Gower, Mo. 64454. (YOU MUST BE IN THE CITY LIMITS TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS)


A collection can is available in the Grocery Store in Gower.  You can donate your spare change and the money will be donated to The MISSOURI LIONS EYE RESEARCH FOUNDATION.  If you have a business that would like a collection can to help the Gower Lions collect money for Eye Research and aid to those that cannot afford proper eyecareplease contact a Gower Lions Club member.

The Gower Lions Club wants to help anyone in the community that needs help with eyeglasses.  If you need help please send a letter to Gower Lions Club, PO Box 42, Gower,Mo. 64454 and let us know how we can help you.

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