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Lions District 201N3 Disaster Appeal.

The Australian drought conditions are upon us once again and seem to hit us with regular monotony leaving the producers destitute till farmer friendly conditions return.

The Lions district 201N3 have set up a disaster relief appeal to assist the farmers from the Hunter Region od New South Wales.

Information on the situation and the appeal is available here by downloading the PDF file.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD  a copy of the Appeal document:-

Become a friend of Lions.

Lions clubs need Friends.   Friends are generous people who like to contribute some of their valuable time or expertise from time to time but are not LIONS members.   Lions friends may be unable or unwilling to attend Lions meetings on a regular basis but would like to contribute to their local community when other activities or interests are not impacted.

Perhaps you, or someone you know, would like to become involved in your local community but find it difficult because of family, work, or other commitments.   This is where 'the Friends of Lions' come into play.   If this is you, and you would like to help with a BBQ or local fund raising function occasionally, or maybe just get out and meet people and have some fun, just contact us.   Perhaps you can assist for a few hours once or twice a year handing out pamphlets, serving food or drinks, or just talking to people about a local project concerning our many activities, jobs, or tasks with which we are involved at any given time.

A Friend of Lions is male/female, young/senior, retired/working, any ethnic background, any skill level, but with a desire to spend a few hours meeting people occasionally.   Some Friends will want greater involvement, and some not so much.   It is up to the individual to determine the level of personal involvement.   Some may have considered joining Lions but have become a Friend in order to learn more about us.   Either way there is never any pressure for any 'Friend of Lions' to commit to becoming a LION.   This is a personal choice for any individual.   Should you wish to find out more about Lions and Friends, please contact us.   We would love to hear from you.

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