Our membership is as varied as the township. This page will highlight a different member every few months. Enjoy learning about our members - your neighbors - and consider joining our "Pride"!



Lion Paul Sandy



Where were you born?  Grantville


How long have you been a Lion's Club member?    37 years

What prompted you to join and who was your sponsor?  I wanted to help in my community. Donald Stoner was my sponsor.


What is your favorite thing about being a Lion?  I'm glad to help others in need.


What is your favorite memory of being a Lion (so far!)?   One of my highlights was when I visited the Leader Dog facility in Michigan.


Do you have a favorite sport and/or team?   Phildelphia Phillies

Do you have a favorite book?   Sports books

How about music? Favorite song and/or performer?  I enjoy listening to country music.


"The world is your oyster" -  What project would you most like to see the East Hanover Lions undertake and/or expand?   (?)

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