1.      Description of Fundraising activities:

We perform several activities to raise funds for our causes as well as directly accept donations.

a.     Fall Steak Barbeque

We have a Barbeque in September of each year. Silent auctions and door prizes are provided by donations.

b.    Fireworks Booth

The city of Dublin allows the sale of “Safe and Sane” fireworks in the week before the 4th of July holiday. The right to sell fireworks is given by raffle to non-profit organizations that properly apply.

c.     St. Patrick Day Parade

Mostly as a community service, but with the intention of covering costs, we organize and sponsor the Dublin St. Patrick Day Parade.

d.    Santa Visits

Our members volunteer to be “Santa” at events for a donation. We are available for homes, social groups and, occasionally, corporate functions.

e.       Collection at meetings

We pass a collection container around the room at each meeting accept donations from the members.

f.    Donations

We accept donations from individuals and institutions.

2.      Description of Charitable and Community Support activities:

We provide gifts, grants and financial support to several 501(c)(3) organizations, mainly Lions Foundations, that provide more comprehensive and efficient programs than we could accomplish as a smaller organization. We also provide local support to the High School and local functions.

a.     Aid to the visually impaired.

                                                  i.      Lions Center For The Blind, Oakland (Alameda-Contra Costa Lions Central Committee for the Blind, Inc.), a facility at 3834 Opal St., Oakland, CA

We provide financial and volunteer support. They provide educational and recreational programs for adjustment for visual loss, including Braille, orientation and mobility, technical equipment use, field trips, leisure time activity, transportation, hot lunches, as well as vocational needs, a production workshop for the blind, a homebound service and independent living.

                                                ii.      Lions Center For The Visually Impaired, a facility at 175 Alvarado Ave., Pittsburg, CA

We provide financial and volunteer support. They provide similar services to the visually impaired in their geographical area as that provided by the Lions Center For The Blind for the Oakland area. They emphasize independent living, orientation and mobility, low vision services, cooking, music and other activities, but no vocational training.

                                              iii.      Lions in Sight of California and Nevada, 1404 Lemon Street, Vallejo CA

We provide financial and volunteer support. We collect used eyeglasses and forward to Vallejo, assist in cleaning, sorting and neutralizing (reading the prescription) and the glasses are then sent to other countries for distribution to needy people.

                                             iv.      Lions Eye Foundation of California-Nevada, Inc., PO Box 7999 San Francisco, Ca 94120

We provide financial support and refer patients to them. They examine, provide care and surgery to the needy. Determination of eligibility is under guidelines set by Lions Eye Foundation.

                                               v.      Lions Sight Saver Foundation

We provide financial support. They work in cooperation with UC Berkeley School of Optometry. The School provides examinations and gives eyeglasses to the needy. Need is based on the guidelines of the School and are similar to Lions Eye Foundation.

                                             vi.      Guide Dogs of the Desert, Post Office Box 1692
Palm Springs, Ca 92263

We provide financial support. Guide Dogs provides at no cost to the student, a specially trained guide dog with all the necessary equipment, a twenty eight day training program at the school and post graduate assistance for the working life of the team.

                                           vii.      Canine Companions for Independence, a nationwide organization

We provide financial support. Canine Companions is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.

                                         viii.      “A Day At The Fair”

We provide transportation, lunch and support to the clients of the Lions Center For The Blind and the Lions Center For The Visually Impaired for a day long visit to the Alameda Country Fair. They are paired with young volunteers from the Livermore 4H group and escorted through the fair.

b.    Aid to the hearing impaired.

                                                  i.      Lions Hearing Foundation

We provide financial support, collect used hearing aids, and refer the needy to them. They provide examinations, hearing aids and medical care to the hearing impaired. Guidelines for need are set by the Lions Hearing Foundation. Hearing aids are lent to the needy, who must put up a deposit of $100 for each.

                                                ii.      Lions Wilderness Camp for Deaf Children, Inc.

We provide financial and volunteer support. They provide a summer camp for deaf and hearing impaired children.

c.     Youth leadership activities.

                                                  i.      Dublin High Leos

We sponsor and provide financial support. The Leos Clubs are an activity of the Lions clubs and members can be from 12-28 years of age. Ours are about 50 high school students at Dublin High School. LEO stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. They are encouraged to do community service, learn leadership through training and by doing community service and fundraising activities. They assist us as volunteers in our community service and fundraising activities and we help them where requested. They elect their own officers, are subject to supervision by a Faculty advisor and club advisors.

                                                ii.      District 4-C3 Lions for Youth Inc.

We provide financial support. The Lions for Youth provides training for teachers and workbooks for the Lions-Quest programs Skills for Growing, grades K-6, Skills for Adolescents, grades 7 & 8, and Skills for Action, grades 9-12, The programs teach students to accept responsibility, communicate effectively, goal setting, making healthy decisions, resistance to use of drugs and alcohol, conflict resolution and community service.

                                              iii.      Lions Fourth District Student Speakers Foundation, Inc.

We participate in Lions MD-4 (California & Nevada) Student Speaker Program. The Foundation provides about $100,000 in scholarships to participants each year, $20,500 to the Winner of the Multiple District Contest. We participate on the local club level, holding a contest for students in our area, where the winner is awarded $50, other participants $25 each. The program is open to high school students, eligibility and rules set by that Foundation.

                                             iv.      Dublin Partners In Education

We provide funding and financial support to this local education assistance organization.

                                               v.      Youth service funding

We provide financial support, on a case by case basis, to young people working on public service projects. A recent example would be a Boy Scout, working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, requested and received $100 for materials to build a needed structure at his local public swimming pool.

                                             vi.      Student of the Month and Quarter

We provide recognition and financial support to students at Dublin High School with an award for Student of the Month and to students of Valley High Schools with an award for student of the Quarter. Selection is by academic achievement and community involvement.

                                           vii.      “Flag Day”

Children in the 4th grade are encouraged to write an essay on “What the flag means to me”. A panel selects the 3 top essays, prizes are awarded and the students read them at one of our meetings. This provides valuable public speaking experience.

                                         viii.      Little League Challenger Championships

We provide volunteer support.

                                             ix.      Lions-Quest

We provide financial and volunteer support. Lions-Quest is a schools-based life-skills program for children from kindergarten to the 12th grade.

                                               x.      Kaleidoscope

We provide volunteer support.

d.    Scholarships

                                                  i.      Dublin High School

We provide financial support to 2 students from Dublin High School to help defray the costs of their freshman year in College. Selection is performed by Dublin Host Lions Club members who are directly associated with Dublin High School and is a combination of scholastic capability and financial need.

                                                ii.      Valley High School

We provide financial support to 3 students from Valley High School to help defray the costs of their freshman year in College. Selection is performed by the staff of Valley High School and is a combination of scholastic capability and financial need.

e.    Aid to seniors

Most of the aid to seniors is through the Blind Centers. As people age, visual impairment increases and the goal is to make them as independent as possible. However, we also provide the following:

                                                  i.      Dublin Senior Center

We provide financial support.

f.       Community Activities and Support

                                                  i.      Alameda County Library Foundation, 2450 Stevenson Blvd.
Fremont, CA 94538-2326

We provide financial support.

                                                ii.      American Cancer Society “Relay For Life” fundraiser in Dublin, Ca

We provide financial and volunteer support by providing and cooking breakfast for all participants.

                                              iii.      Hope Hospice, 6500 Dublin Blvd. Suite 100, Dublin, CA 94568

We provide financial support. Hope Hospice works to not only meet the dying patient's physical needs, but supports their emotional, social, and spiritual needs as well.

                                             iv.      Heritage Foundation

The amounts are budgeted on the basis of the types of programs we want and the amount we can afford to give. Budgets are adjusted yearly to reflect changes in expected revenue.



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