The DeWitt Lions participate in several fundraisers throughout the year.

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

In the months leading up to Easter, club members sell milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and sugar-free chocolate Easter bunnies. The DeWitt Lions Club acts as distributor for any club who wishes to raise money by selling chocolate bunnies.

White Cane Awareness

During the last weekend of April, many Lions clubs solicit donations from the public.  This is a nationally recognized Lions Club fundraiser.

Lions Mints

In the fall, DeWitt Lions solicit donations from the public and hand out rolls of Lions Mints candies in return.  Lions mints are also distributed to businesses to sell in their Lions mints display stands year 'round.

Candy Cane Days

The DeWitt Lions Club does a fundraiser in early December and hands out candy canes.  Money raised during this fundraiser is donated to the DeWitt Community Christmas baskets.  Approximately 20 DeWitt families receive baskets with canned goods, fresh food, clothing, and toys which are delivered by community volunteers.  Members of the DeWitt Lions Club help with the basket delivery on the Saturday before Christmas.

Texas Hold 'Em

DeWitt Lions have the opportunity to volunteer their time by selling and redeeming chips at a Texas Hold 'Em event.  DeWitt Lions hold four events a year, and it is our largest fundraiser.

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