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Loving Individuals Offering Needed Services


Although we Lions are organized as clubs, we are not preoccupied with our own internal doings. On the contrary, when we talk about involvement, we’re referring to the kind that looks outward and helps others.  Every day, all over the world, our members are out in their local communities working as advocates, fundraisers, and hands-on volunteers. We’re building infrastructure, providing social services, supporting better health care, cleaning up the environment, and delivering disaster relief.

When we were growing up, we wanted to make the world a better place. Today’s young people have the same dream, and as Lions we’re trying to make it come true.  Our members are involved in efforts to provide children with food, shelter, clothing, education, and healthcare. Through such programs as our Youth Camps, Youth Exchange Program, Youth Outreach initiative, and Peace Poster Contest, we offer them opportunities to share their similarities and celebrate cultural differences.  The world’s children are its future. At the Lions Clubs, we are working to help their generation achieve something that thus far has eluded ours: the goal of world peace.

We Lions have long been recognized as world leaders in the effort to prevent blindness and assist the visually impaired.  Every year, our members provide more than 600,000 glaucoma screenings, fund more than 25,000 corneal transplants, and redistribute more than 6,000,000 pairs of eyeglasses.  More recently, we’ve diversified our health care activities.  We’re funding the construction of hospitals and clinics, building water treatment facilities, fighting diabetes and other diseases, delivering disaster relief, and pioneering in the use of community health workers to stop the spread of AIDS.  As a result, we’re helping communities worldwide become more progressive, and productive places to live. By improving the quality of health, we’re improving the quality of life.

Involvement, accomplishment, and satisfaction…these alone would make Lions membership worthwhile. But it offers yet another dimension, something that for many of us has become increasingly important: the opportunity to pursue our own personal growth.  Through our Lions Clubs, we meet new people. We build new skills. And we experience the personal satisfaction of turning belief into action and action into impact. We also enhance our own wellness - because, as a number of recent studies have shown, the social and physical activity that come with volunteering can lead to stronger immunity, better health, and greater longevity.  We Lions are blessed with the opportunity to improve the lives of others and, as a bonus, to improve our own. It’s a “win-win” for all of us.         


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