Click the link below to view or print the rosters. if you have any changes or additions, please email Lion Tom Jasper as he is the keeper of the website.  


Click the link below to view or print the BBQ Roster
(updated 9/27/2017):

BBQ Roster for October 2017

Contact Lion Bill Radke should you have any questions.


Click the link below to view the Highway Pickup Roster
(updated 5/23/2017):

The approach to scheudling volunteers for the 2nd Saturday of the month has changed. About 1 week before the Saturday pickup, I will call members to request support until we have a sufficient number for the job.  This is only possibly thanks to the Lions who are "often available": Ken Kaberline, John Edell, Adriane Hurtado and Owen Rose

Contact Lion Tom Jasper should you have any questions



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