April 19 - Added Paws in the Park to the calendar. 

March 18 - Changed the front page to advertise the flower sale. Turned on the flower sale page. 

January 6 - Changed the Feb 1st meeting locaton to the Interurban. 


October 6 - Added bell ringing for Salvation Army on Dec 8 to the calendar. 

September 7 - Created a new page "Upcoming Projects" where we will keep all information on all of our bigger projects. Moved the Paws in the Park and Challenge pages here. Added 2017-2018 membership meeting to the calendar. 

July 8 - Updated Paws in the Park page with flyer. Added signup form to Challenge page.

June 22 - Removed some of the non active activities from the home page. Added a vision screening and a speaker for Sept 7th meeting.

June 15 - Added a web page for the Club Challenge.

May 6 - Removed flower sale page. Added notice that the May 18th meeting is a dinner meeting.

April 11 - Added flower sale page.

March 11 - Added news about 2VDGe's election. Added our new banner patch to the front page.

January 29 - Added future vision screening dates for Feb, March, Apri, May & Sept to the calendar


November 20 - Added some scouting events (Souting for food, Blue & Gold Banquet, Cake Auction and Pinewood derby) to the calendar. Also added a location for the Dec 1st meeting.

November 11 - Added zone meeting to calendar, Nov 29.

October 21 - Added Scout night to calendar for May 4th. Added BewDog to calendar for Jan 19th.

October 16 - Changed Ghost Tour page to a thank you page. Added 2020 USA/Canada forum to calendar, added highway cleanup to the calendar.

September 23 - Removed Paws in the Park web page.

September 10 - Added SVOSH as program for Nov 17meeting.

September 7 - Added Ghost tour preview as program for Oct 6 meeting. Moved Luka Papalko to Feb 2 meeting.

August 31 - Update Nov 3rd meeting to be the night we go over the budget.

August 16 - Added Dogs in the Park page.

August 15 - Added Ghost Tour page.

August 14 - Added Governor's visitation in April to the calendar, put the Club Challenge page on the back burner.

August 12 - Club Challenge: Added Berger Health System as a gold sponsor.

August 5 - Club Challenge: Added Village Wines and Bistro as "in-kind" donations.

August 4 - Club Challenge: Added Fitness Firm as a bronze sponsor. Added All about Nailes, Dairy Queen & Jimmy Johns as "in-kind" donations.

July 27 - Changed first membership meeting in Sept to a zone meeting. Added ghost tour to calendar, added picnic to the calendar. Added speaker for Oct 6th meeting.

July 24 - Added Hoffman Auto Repair as silver sponsors to the Challenge page.

July 23 - Added Spence Funeral Home as silver sponsors to the Challenge page. Changed the district hyperlink from 13F to OH-5 on home page.

July 10 - Added Jack's Photography and Canal Winchester Chamber as silver sponsors to the Challenge page. Added note on home page about looking for help on the ghost tour.

May 14 - Removed circus web page. Added Challenge page.

April 14 - Updated circus web page, added on-line payments. Added flower sale to calendar.

March 19 - Added flower sale announcement to the home page, Paws in the Park and CW Club Challenge to the calendar.

March 11 - Changed the date of Feeding our Future to March 14. Added future conventions to the calendar.

February 8 - Added Linda Boving as our speaker for the April 21 meeting.

January 19 - Removed photography contest, replaced its page with circus page.

January 14 - Updated club projects page.


December 11 - Turned on the photography contest page

November 27 - Added speaker for Mar 17th meeting

November 20 - Added speaker for Feb 4th meeting

November 7 - Calendar updates - Updated location of Dec 03 meeting, added membership planning night Nov 18, added Christmas in the village Dec 4 & 5, added membership meeting Nov 19

October 14 - Added highway cleanup to the calendar for Oct 31. Removed "Paws in the Park" pages.

October 2 - Moved membership meeting to the Jan 7th meeting date, added the circus in on May 8th

September 27 - Added speaker for Oct 15th meeting.

September 18 - Added membership night for first meeting in November, added sight screening for October 16.

August 30 - Removed Club Challenge Page, added Paws in the Park page.

August 15 - Posted winners of the race.

August 13 - Added cyclistconnection to list of gold sponsors, Walgreens as an in kind sponsor

August 4 - Increased the cost of registration to the race, added note about T-Shirts,

August 2 - Added Drs. McClurg and Murray to list of gold sponsors

August 1 - Added Berger Health and Lawson Chiropractic as gold sponsors, Shades and Fitness Firm as silver sponsors.

July 29 - Added Discount Tire as gold sponsor of the race. Added start and finish times to the race.

July 28 - Added membership meeting dates to the calendar. Added speaker Jill Frost from ADAMH as speaker for Oct 1 meeting.

July 21 - Added Columbus Running Company & Westchester Golf Course as sponsors to the club challenge.

July 8 - Added Jack's Photography & Hoffman Auto Repair as sponsors to the club challenge. Removed 75th anniversary logo from the home page.

June 26 - Added Spence Funeral Home and York Law Firm as sponsors to the club challenge

May 20 - Turned on the 2015 Club Challenge Page.

March 30 - Added flower sale and highway cleanup to calendar.

March 26 - Added flower sale page.

March 5 - Added program for second meeting in April.

March 2 - Added program for first meeting in May.

January 30 - Added zone meeting to the calendar.(March 3th)

January 4 - Added cub scout's cake acution to the calendar.


November 27 - Changed the location and time of the December meeting. Removed photography contest page.

November 9 - Added link to Lion Jackie's campaign flyer to home page.

October 3 - Added meeting date for Nov 20th, removed meeting location for December meeting. Community center is booked.

September 30 - Added program for Oct 16th & Nov 6th meeting, changed location of April 2nd meeting, added highway cleanup to calendar. Turned on photography contest page.

August 15 - Changed the Sept 4th meeting into a zone meeting, added locations for the membership meetings for the year.

August 9 - Added more sponsors to Challenge page.

August 7 - Added membership meetings for the 2014-2015 calendar year.

July 20 - Fixed broken link to eye glasses drop off on home page.

June 8 - Fixed broken links on home page and removed "A little Lion in You"...under protest

May 13 - Added new Gold Level sponsors to club challenge page. [Jack's Photography, Shade on the Canal, Lawson Family Chiropractic Center]

May 4 - Removed Flower Sale Page, added Spence Funeral Home to list of Gold Level Sponsors of the club challenge.

May 2 - Updated club challenge and anniversary page.

April 23 - Added club challenge and anniversary page.

April 18 - Added highway cleanup to calendar. Added Kirk Henderson to Past Speakers list.

April 7 - Added DGe Richard Sweeney to the calendar, induction officers May 17.

March 30 - Turned on the flower sale page.Spring must be near!

March 6 - Added program for April 3rd meeting, added Scout's Food Drive to club calendar.

March 2 - Added program for March 6 meeting, Blues and Rib Fest, 75th Charter night, CW Club challenge & State convention to club calendar.


December 13 - Added program for Feb 20 meeting.

December 10 - Added program for January meeting.

December 7 - Canceled first January meeting because so close to New Years Day.

December 6 - Added Scout's cake auction and pinewood derby to calendar.

December 3 - Added news of photography contest winners.

November 28 - Added location for Dec 19 meeting.

November 22 - Removed photography contest from web site.

October 3 - Added SVOSH as program to our calendar.

October 2 - Added district bowling tournament Jan 25 to calendar.

September 6 - Calendar updates. Added shredded day and VOICECorps as a program on Nov 7.

September 1 - Replaced the "Club Challenge" page with the "Photography Contest" page.

August 16 - Added food sponsors to Amazing Race Page

August 11 - Added program for first September meeting. Added district convention and gold outing to calendar.

August 10 - Added Discount Tire as a gold level sponsor to the race.

August 4 - Added Zone meeting and additional 2013-2014 club meetings to the calendar..

July 22 - Added RE/MAX as a gold level sponsor to the race.

July 13 - Added more sponsors to the race.

July 8 - Cosmetic changes.

July 4 - Added Jack's Photography and Berger Health System as Gold Level sponsor to the race.

July 1 - Added Dr.s McClurg and Murray as Gold Level sponsor to the race.

June 29 - Added Hoffman Auto Repair as Gold Level sponsor to the race.

June 25 - Added list Spence Funeral Home and Ireland's Spa as Gold Level sponsors to the race.

June 8 - Added link to new email address on CW Lions Challenge page. Changed to new address on the contact page.

June 7 - Added entry form and PayPal button to CW Lions Challenge page.

May 30 - Updated meeting dates and location on home page. Added more information on CW Lions Challenge page.

May 27 - Turned off the flower sale page. Added several new past speakers to the past speakers page.

March 26 - Turned on the flower sale page. Changed the home page to advertise.

February 14 - Added program to March 21st meeting.

January 28 - Added program to Aprill 11th meeting.

January 26 - Modified the location for Feb 14 meeting.

January 20 - Modified the speaker for Feb 21 meeting.

January 9 - Added location of meeting for all second meetings of the month.


December 4 - Added speaker for meeting on the 13th.

November 28 - Location of December membership meeting to calendar.

November 25 - Added Christmas in the Village event to calendar.

November 6 - Sad to learn the Lithopolis Grill and Cafe closed. Moved November 8th meeting location to the High School.

October 24 - Added meeting location for November 8th meeting, added Gretchen Blazer as as speaker on past speaker's page.

October 21 - Featured prospective member night, added news about speakers.

September 24 - Changed meeting location for September 27th meeting.

September 13 - Added Dave Phalen as a "past speaker". Updated location for September 27 meeting.

September 12 - Added several programs to the calendar.

August 31 - Added program for Sept. 27 meeting.

August 25 - Added program for Oct. 25 meeting, conventions, flower sale date.

August 22 - Added program for Oct. 11 meeting.

August 11 - Added 2012-2013 meeting dates to the calendar.

March 22 - Updated flower sale page and updated main and calendar to spread the news.

March 9 - Added highway cleanup, food drive and rib fest to calendar.

February 25 - Updated link to Boy Scout's home page.

January 11 - Added governor's visit on Feb 9.

January 15 - Added news bean soup dinner and Pinewood derby to callendar. Come see us Feb 11


December 30 - Added governor's visit on Jan 12.

November 27 - Added "You've got a little Lion in you."

November 11 - Added Christmas in the village to the calendar.

November 3 - Added Franklin County recorder to past speakers list. Added SVOSH as a speaker for the 2nd January meeting.

October 12 - Added speaker for December membership meeting

September 20 - Added locations to remaining membership meetings. Added speaker for October 27th meeting.

September 18 - Removed electronic recycling page. Changed the meeting on the 22nd to be a zone meeting.

August 30 - Added times to most events in calendar.

August 28 - Added club membership meetings to calendar through May 2012.

August 22 - Removed link to Leo club. Anyone know where their page is now? Added link to the printer friendly version of the electronic recycling. I kinda like the irony of printing a recycling project's information.

August 20 - Added flyer on the electronic recycling. Enabled the electronic recycling page.

August 10 - Added facebook link. Fixed terrible formatting of this page. Added Google Translate.

May 29 - Added news about the Blues and ib fest money maker on the home page.

May 25 - Calendar updates: Electronic Recylcing Days at Farmer's Market

May 22 - Calendar updates: Added Blues and Rib Fest

May 9 - Calendar updates: May meetings, highway cleanup, Eye Bank night at Clippers

March 20 - Uploaded the latest flower sale order form

March 17 - Turned the flower sale page back on. Order form will be updated soon.

March 16 - Changed the location of the March 24th meeting. Changed "Officers" page to "CW Lion Leaders" and added past officers.

February 28 - Added Tony Zerkle to list of past speakers.

February 20 - Added Fairfield County Game Warden to Feb 24th meeting.

February 10 - Added Sgt. Kirk C. Kern, Fairfield County Sheriff's Office to past speakers list.

February 6 - Added some past speakers and fixed some broken links on the past speaker's page.

January 18 - Added Sgt. Kern as a program for the first Feb meeting. Fixed link to this page from the home page.

January 16 - Added "Landfill Lilly" as a program for the first April meeting.


December 25 - Fixed link to district site.

November 25 - Added news about Lion Joe on cover.

November 24 - Incorrect date of December membership meeting was corrected. Meeting is December 9th. Added Christmas in the Village in news and calendar.

November 4 - Added date for highway cleanup - November 13th

October 14 - Added recycling page. Added link to COLEB at bottom of home page.

October 12 - Added meeting dates, winter retreat and recycling dates to calendar.

September 12 - Added electronic recycling dates to calendar and added location to September meeting.

August 17 - Added zone meeting, picnic and first two membership meetings to the calendar.

August 12 - Updated front page showing Blues and Rib Fest

March 21 - Changed Eye Bank Night at Clippers to July 25th

March 12 - Moved highway cleanup to Match 20.

March 10 - Added flower sale page and flyer. Added speaker for May 13th meeting.

February 9 - Added district convention and removed bean soup dinner from calendar. Created this updates page.

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