July 27, 2015



Dear Fellow Lions,

As you may or may not know, the Taylorsville Lions Club has operated the Alexander Agriculture Fair since 1946.  This year, we would like to offer an opportunity to our fellow Lions in other clubs.  So, here is what we are willing to offer.  We will pay your club a percentage , per member who works, for each night, up to 10 members, based on the what they are doing.  For gatekeepers, we are willing to offer 2% of the gate per night per member (a night counting as 5pm-10pm, Monday September 14-Saturday September 19th).  For working in our cookshack, (that would be a concessions stand) we would offer 3% of the cookshack per member per night, from the same hours).   If the fair does well, this could be substantial amount of money that your club probably could use.  If your club is interested, please email me, Secretary Johnny Davis, at, or call our business phone at 828-632-2226 to set up a meeting.  We hope you will consider this offer as a friendly gesture and wish you success in meeting your Lions goals in the coming year.


                                                                                                Yours in Lionism,

                                                                                                Johnny Davis, Secretary,

                                                                                                Taylorsville Lions Club

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