One of These Nights …


What a night Berwick had when One of These Nights performed the EAGLES tunes for more than 700 supported of the Berwick Lions Club at the Berwick District School on Saturday, September 1.

Prior to the concert some audience took advantage of the buffet that was available at the Lions hall in the Kings Mutual Century Centre. With reserved seating available the wasn't any rush to get a decent seat for the concert.  A leisuely walk across to the school was a relaxing way to get prefered seating at the concert as all other seats were rush seats.

The Lions have to give a big shout out to all our sponsors and corperations that assisted us in puting on a success show.

Nebraska of KRock:

Part of the preformace of One of These Nights:














‘One of these nights’.




$100 of Atlanic Loto Scratch Tickets

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Shirlene Fisher was the lucky person to win the scratch tickets. And she says she is ready to take on the challenge.
Lion Tom Henley presented Shirlene with her prize after the Berwick Gala Days breakfast on Monday, September 3.
Congratulations Shirlene and thank you everyone who purchased a ticket. The funds raise with this project will be used in support of the Grand Veiw Bus Drive.


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Kings Mutual Century Centre

250 Veterans Drive, Berwick, Nova Scotia

Berwick Lions are Now Collecting Used Hearing Aids and Glasses  

Berwick Lions are now collecting Used Hearing aids and used eye glasses.

The hearing aids can be dropped off at Larry's Pharmacy or Wilson'd Pharmasave.

There will be an eye glasses collction box at Wilson's Pharmasave.


Berwick Lions Entrance


Where did the Berwick Lions come from?


The Berwick and District Lions Club was granted its second charter in 1961. From that time the Lions ave been an organization that has taken part in all aspects of the town of Berwick, NS.

Its members have been community leaders at every level. They have been sport coachs, teachers, farmers, accountants, pharmacists, auto dealers, service station owners, store owners, town councilors, town Mayors and the common folk of the town and district.

Our clubs operates the conference portion of the Kings Mutual Century Centre. We stay very busy hosting and catering business, community and government department meetings and seminars. The club also has public breakfasts and dinners to raise funds for assorted community necessities.

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