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You may already be a Volunteer (or have been one in the past), or you may also hopefully be someone who is enquiring of us as a volunteer organisation for the very first time?   Either way, you will probably be asking yourselves a couple of common questions -“Why” , and “just what is” an Internet Lions Club”?

Firstly - for the benefit of the welcomed unfamiliar enquirer; the Lions Club Organisation itself, is a one hundred year young International Volunteer Networking Organisation - the largest of its’ kind across the globe.  However, as an example of the kind of work these Lions groups are voluntarily undertaking here in North Wales, (Britain) -: one of the larger local Traditional Lions groups of this area (Flint Lions), organises events and occasions throughout the year in order to raise the funding required to provide an annual Prostate Screening Evening, free to all gentlemen from the local area of a certain age?  And even though our Club is very young and small by comparison, we do also have a signature project, as well as providing volunteers wherever and whenever needed.  We also collect and recycle spectacles for onward dispersal to regions of the World where such things are otherwise impossible to obtain.  There are many other Clubs in the area, and all are providing their own bit of varied Service.   Essentially we care about our communities (close and far), so therefore we professionally and competently serve it appropriately, whenever and wherever we can.

The Bert Mason Internet Club was finally realised in April 2018 by an already serving Lion (and remains a current Club Member), looking to try something different altogether - to move from a fixed location and/or style of Club, to a highly flexible and portable Volunteer Service Provider.   The current Club Members are now stretched along the North Wales coastline to its’ border with Cheshire and beyond, with its’ members all meeting as a group on-line monthly together, and are now also ideally positioned  to provide the valuable and flexible personnel Service response to the other already established Traditional Lions Clubs and their events, who need the additional pairs of  boots on the ground, in order to help continue making the positive, sustainable and beneficial things happen within those communities we serve accordingly.

If you can “vibe” the above sentiments and/or wording, then you may either already be a Volunteer, or ready to consider becoming one alongside us all?  For further information about this Club (or any others), please feel free to e-mail us as follows:


If you are a Voluntary or Community Focussed Organisation, or a Charity who may require the assistance of additional voluntary human resources, please also email us at:



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