Cooperation protocol

between Alexandria Meret Lions Club 


The Royal Center for Ophthalmology and Laser


- Alexandria Meret Lions Club made a cooperation protocol with the Royal Center for Ophthalmology and Laser.

- It was agreed to give Alexandria Lions Meret Club distinct discounts on medical reports, micro operations , major operations and  LASIK

 Dedication either will be given to all members of all lions clubs members & all the poor persons as follows :

- 50% discount on physical checkup.

 - 25% discount on tests .

 - 10% discount on major and minor surgeries.

- Special discount on Lasik operations

 A letter from Alexandria Lions Meret club must be given to the center in order to serve the patients.


Sadat City Activities



A seminar, meeting, workshops and a visit to the deaf and dumb school were held in Sadat City under the patronage of Alexandria Meret Lions Club. The workshops were held for students of the Azhar Institute in Sadat City, a celebration was held and all the requirements were provided to activate workshops for inventive students to develop skills and promote industrial technical education.

- A visit was made to the Omar bin Al- Khattab School for the deaf & dumb , We printed IDs and Caps for each student with his personal data in order to keep the students easy to identify.



Two Training Workshops


Sakina Village Poor People 



* Alexandria Meret Lions Club hold two training workshops for  women, men, young men and women from the poor Sakina village to train them on the leather industry and various handicrafts.

* All equipment's and raw materials were provided for training and production. The trainees made very wonderful various products at the end of the two sessions .



Two Ramadan Eftar Parties



- Alexandria Meret Lions Club held two Ramadan Eftar Parties for 60 widows & 150 Orphan child .



20.000 Ramadan Food Bags

Buying & Distributing

- Alexandria Meret Lions Club participated in buying & distributing 20.000 Ramadan bags full of food over the poor families & orphans on Ramadan  .   


  The 2018 National Day Of Alexandria Governorate 

- Alexandria Meret Lions Club was the golden sponsor on the 2018 National Day Of Alexandria Governorate .

Alexandria Meret Lions Club

celebrating World Environment Day



- Alexandria Meret Lions Club participated the World Environment day which had been held by Alexandria government by joining it’s Marathon ,Workshop and All about plastic Pollution and how we can avoid it seminar .


Al– Nour School For The Blinds Art Materials



- Alexandria Meret Lions Club members visited Al- Nour School for the blind many times to know their needs & bought them many art materials .

Distribution Of Al -Adha Feast Meet


- Under the plan of Alexandria Meret Lions Club to fight Hunger and eliminate it ,Memebers of the club distributed 2000 bags full of meat to the poor people of Sakina Village, Al-Awayed ,Algazayer and Karmouz Zones in cooperation with Hayaty & Kafalet Al-Yatim charities.



Alexandria Without Poverty 

The First Chariry Market 

To Support Small & Micro Enterprises




Alexandria Meret Lions Club ,headed by Mrs. Samia Mustafa, Alexandria Businesswoman, member of the Lions Governor Board and Chairman of the Against Hunger committee Organized & supervised the initiative of : (Alexandria without poverty - the first charity market to support small and micro enterprises). Held Thursday, 6/9/2018 With the presence of all stakeholders in Tavarna Aqua City village under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Abdul Aziz Qonswa, Governor of Alexandria. And the valuable Presence of the direct Governor of the district 352 Egypt Mrs. Salwa Al-Bourini , and the former Lions direct governors :

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Maghraby, Dr. Magdi Azab, Dr. Alaa Akkari , members of the district 352 Egypt Lions clubs Governor's Council and  various ministries representatives, businessmen, banks, also representatives of civil society, technical training and support for small projects.

The initiative included a market containing products & services for small & micro enterprises followed by a meeting with all the participants .

The meeting discussed how to activate the role of all civil and governmental institutions and discuss ways of cooperation among them to help & support disadvantaged & poor Egyptian families at all levels .



Al-Nour School For Blinds Renovation 



 On the new school year start Occasion, Alexandria Meret Lions Club visited Al-Noor School for Blinds in Muharram Bek to find out about the school's needs to renovate the activities rooms (Drawing / Gym) by club members donations .

The work of the necessary repairs has been completed.

The pictures show the condition of the school before and after the repairs.


Dar Al- Radwan For Orphans Visit   




‏In the framework of Alexandria Lions Meret Club in the fight against hunger and help and support the less fortunate, a number of members of the club headed by Engineer Samia Mustafa, the Alexandrian businesswoman and Chairman of the Committee against Hunger in Lions Governor Board visited Dar Al-Radwan for orphans in Alexandria to provide glasses, sweets and clothes for children. At the same visit, Mrs. Samia Mustafa, President of the club, gave a lecture to the children and explained to them the importance of washing their teeth in the morning and evening and before and after eating meals, and also knew what they need to offer them in future visits. After the lecture, the club members distributed a new toothbrush and a toothpaste box to each child 
And providing eyeglasses for the visually impaired.



Ragab House For The Elderly Seminar 

As part of the 100 million health campaign, the Compete Cancer Committee organized an awareness seminar for the elderly, presented by " Dr. Shadia Edward ", head of the committee, prepared by " Nadia Hamrawy " Alexandria Lions Meret club member, participated by the members of the committee and some of Alexandria Lions Meret Club. The symposium was held at Rajab House for the elderly in the presence of 50 elderly on Sunday, October 14 ,2018.



Alexandria Without Poverty 


As a part of the Alexandria Initiative without poverty Which was launched by Alexandria Club Lions Meret Headed by Eng.Samia Mustafa And to complement the service of the development of the area of Abis and Bab Al-Abeed to transform them into a model area through development participatory among citizens and the executive tools and poverty reduction. And the conversion of villages to be producing villages and in accordance with instructions and directives Of Alexandria Governor:Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Qonsouwa . The Craft Projects Support Committee held : * A meeting with the members of the committee at the headquarters of Alexandria governorate in the presence of the heads of associations and members to identify the work programs of the community awareness committees, finance, training, marketing and supporting the disability challenge. And commissioned by the Governor A committee composed of the Faculty of Agriculture professors ,Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Handicraft Industries and the Director of Development of the Governorate To hold a meeting with the people and fishermen in the presence of fishermen president ( Sheikh ) to identify the problems of the region and find solutions to solve the problem of lake water and to make recommendations to the Governor • Ms. Baheiya was the head of a central district Under the guidance of the Information Center for the work of inventory and questionnaire for the residents of the area of Bab al-Abeed to limit the dead, widows and young people & to train them on the trades * An educational seminar was held with the people of Bab Al Abeed area to guide them to the importance of work and the importance of women participation in work to support the family and raise the standard of living and change the culture of dependence on others to cope with the burdens of life * Training courses were also organized for about 70 women who were successfully trained Under the supervision of the Training Foundation of Egypt Professor Dalia Hosny Sewing and crafts As well as another session on the wood of Baghdadi * A training course was also conducted on the manufacture of handmade silk carpets in the houses Under the supervision of Al- Shahd Association Targeted within 15 days to reach the number of trainees to about 300 trainees of women and young women To promote the citizen and the Alexandrian community .



El- Prince Village Lectures 


Dr. Iman Al-Sa’eed responsible of training and environmental awareness in the Environment Department of Alexandria Governorate and the Chairman of the Environment Committee of Alexandria Meret Lions Club, & Mrs.Nadia Hamrawy , Development Specialist Alexandria Meret lions club deputy delivered lectures at the Association of the Rural Community in the village of El-Prince. This was part of the symposium organized by the mass culture in the presence of the Director of the village culture in the Authority and in cooperation with the Environment Department in Alexandria Governorate and the participation of the civil society for primary and preparatory girls on water issues and rationalization of consumption And the preservation of water because today's girls are the mothers of the future tomorrow and this is to guide the girls to participate in school campaigns to introduce methods of rationalization and awareness and the use of wall magazines and art drawings and the preparation of a booklet The symposium included the population problem and its impact on society, and considered that water is part of sustainable development and the role of the individual in society.



Social Service Institute Lecture



Coinciding with the World Entrepreneurship Week, an international initiative launched in 2008 with millions of young people from all over the world to create new ideas and find the best ways to implement projects and businesses. The future youth work is the main objective of Lions District 352 Egypt Governor Mrs. Salwa Al- Bourini . Alexandria Lions Meret Club, Eng. Samia Moustafa, was co-chaired by Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Rahman, A Professor in Social Service Institute, and Alexandria Meret Lions Club Board of Directors member, in the presence of Ms. Sherien Kabeel, the member of Alexandria Lions Meret Club Media Committee with the students of the Institute . Eng. Samia & Dr.Mahmoud discussed how to manage business and the importance of teamwork. They also listened to a number of students who wish to establish small and medium-sized enterprises, And directed them to the procedures that should be followed and introduced to the parties entrusted with these projects, which will facilitate and finance small projects. Eng. Samia also urged to fulfill their needs to ensure that there are different opinions that help to develop and succeed the project. Eng. Samia also promised to help & support their projects, whether they need material or technical support in order to help the youth and interest them as they are the future builders.



Supporting Prison Graduates 


In cooperation with Director of Security of Alexandria, Major General. Mohammed Sherif  Minister Assistant, Brigadier Khalid Al-Ajamy, head of  the post-care department for prison graduates at the directorate of the security of Alexandria, Eng. Samia Moustafa President of Alexandria Lions Meret Club, Mrs. Ahlam Al Kholy Chairman of  the Board of  Directors of  the Alexandria Women Foundation for Comprehensive Development and a group of members of the Foundation, A meeting was held with 20 prison graduates Eng. Samia Moustafa Supported  job opportunities for them through small projects that guarantee them a decent life And to overcome the obstacles facing them and their families in dealing with society for not returning to the crime again .

Alexandria Women Foundation For  Comprehensive Development will also examine the cases and follow them periodically.


Alexandria Lions Meret President Overseeing District 352 Egypt For District 317A Bangalore 




Eng. Samia Mustafa, Alexandria Lions Meret President oversaw the hosting of Lions district 352 Egypt, for the Lions district 317A of Bangalore, India, in the prestigious Cafe and restaurant Taverna on the coast of the Mediterranean Bride, the beautiful Alexandria City. Under the patronage of Salwa El Borini, District 352 Egypt Governor, in the presence of the former Governor and current Advisor of the district 352 Egypt Eng. Magdy Azab, Dr. Zahia Daghash, President of Alexandria Apollo Lions Club, Amal Hendi, President of Alexandria’s Antoniadis Lions Club, Dr. Ahmed Rady, Alexandria Apollo Lions Club member ,District 352 Egypt Lcif coordinator , Mr. Gaber Mahran , M. Sherien Sief ,Ms.Sherien Kabeel and Ms. Walaa Bellal, Alexandria Meret Lions Club members .

Alexandria Without Poverty (2)

Under the auspices of His Excellency the Governor of Alexandria Dr. Abdel Aziz Qonswa and Alexandria Meret Lions Club ,Dr. Abdel Aziz Qonswa formed a committee to support the handicraft projects to promote the most needy areas under the chairmanship of Eng.Samia Mustafa,president of Alexandria Meret Lions Club and head of hunger defeat committee at lions district 352Egypt .

The initiative aims to combat poverty by working .

as a part of the initiative a training center for girls and young people was established to train them to make walkers and Klim. 80 women were trained to make walkers and 6 youth and girls were trained to make Klim and they produced 14 Kilims.

A center was established for the cultivation of mushrooms and training young people and girls on the way to grow it and to help them to market thier products.

Misr Training Foundation trained women in sewing cloths,towels and Boghdady wood.

An outlet has been set up to deal with the Poultry Marketing proplem for the women who raise poultry to help them in cleaning the poultry and keeping them frozen to faciliate their marketing .

In the framework of the commitee's action plan and paying attention to the care of young people, attention has been paid to the development of Kindergartens in Bab al-Abid area , Providing their children with books and toys, beautifying Kindergartens and providing them with musical instruments to improve childern's behavior and develop their artistic skills .


Young Volunteers & Civil Society Workers

Training Course  


Alexandria Meret Lions Club, headed by Eng. Samia Moustafa, organized a training course for young volunteers and civil society workers on the family guidance and its starting points in the community development work fields. The course lasted for three days starting from 5 to 7 February 2019 .The training had many subjects such as the role of NGOs in post-divorce problems, The family role in national projects, and how to promote this role according to the national problems, the family and the vision of Egypt 2030, family and education and the family and the development of craft industries culture as an input to increase the income. The course was prepared, organized and presented by Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Rahman, member of Alexandria Meret Lions Club.

The Annual Exhibition Of

Handicrafts, Environmental projects,

Small ,Medium & Micro  Enterprises Visit



On behalf of Eng. Samia Mustafa, President of Alexandria Meret Lions Club,  Chairman of  Handicrafts and Environment Development Committee, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Rahman, Chairman of Lions District 352 Egypt Disability Empowering Committee, Mrs.Nadia Hamrawy member of Lions district 352 Egypt disability empowering and environment committees , Mr.Gaber Mahran, vice chairman of District 352Egypt media committee and Ms. Sherien Kabeel , Alexandria Meret Lions club membership chairperson and LCIF Coordinator, visited the annual exhibition of handicrafts, environmental projects, small ,medium and micro enterprises and the training center of Egypt, The exhibition also includes products from  Egypt governorates  : Sohag and South Sinai, And some development  concerned associations and institutions.

The Exhibition was held in the Alexandria Library.

Lions Meret  members visited the exhibition pavilions and expressed their happiness with its wonderful products.


Alexandria Lions Meret Club celebrates International Women's Day

In the Lions district 352 Egypt Women’s international day’s celebrations framework & under presence & patronage of Mrs.Salwa El- Bourini district 352 Egypt Governer, Alexandria Meret Lions Club headed by Eng.Samia Moustafa hold a celebration attended by Mrs.Nagwa El- Chouekh district 352 Egypt Governer first Vice President, PDG. Eng. Magdy Azab, dr. Ebrahim Darwish Alexandria lions region president , District 353 Egypt board members and many of Lions clubs presidents & members , in addition to many Alexandria community leaders. 

:The ceremony was held in the honor of their excellency   the Ambassador and the former Minister  Mrs.Mervat Tallawy &  The Former Behiera Governer Mrs. Nadia Abdu   


Kollena Wahed) Initiative) 

(Kollena Wahed) Initiative festive sponsered by The Ministry Of Interior ,Department of Post-Care in cooperation with Alexandria Meret Lions Club ,headed by Eng.Samia Moustafa and Alexandria Women,Misr Al - Khair and Hayat institutions , The initiative was held at Alexandria Police officers' Club  for preson graduates and their families to provide them with  care, support ,assistance and helping them to find jobs to integrate them into society so as to ensure that they do not return to the crime again .


Happiness Day  For Orphans 

Under the patronage of Lion Salwa el Bourini district 352 Egypt Governer,Alexandria Meret Lions Club headed by Eng. Samia Mustafa held a big celebration on the occasion of the "Orphan's Day" which was named "Happiness Day". The celebration was held at the water sports’ Park “Tavarna Aqua City” in the presence of about 500 orphaned-children With special abilities and healthy ones and their supervisors from many  orphans associations in Alexandria, valuable presence of  West Alexandria and  Alexandria Apollo Lions Clubs’ members and a number of Alexandria public figures. Apollo Club-members distributed fruits  to the  children. Alexandria Meret Lions club provided a number of candy makers, Ghazl - elbanat and popcorn for free to children. Members of Alexandria Meret Lions club also distributed free meals and games to children at the end of the day And honored the world champion for the disabled children by granting her Alexandria Meret lions club shield.





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