PIP Joseph Wroblewski

Pennsylvania Counselors Distinguished Service

Bill Nalitz

We are proud to recognize Lion Bill Nalitz to receive a PIP Wroblewski Fellowship award and a Pennsylvania Counselors Distinguished Service Award.  Bill has been a member of our club for 43 years joining in March 1975.   Bill has served in pretty much every capacity for our club including President and Secretary.   Bill also serves on our Constitution/By Laws and Litigation Committees.  He has be responsible for installing new members and was the cornerstone of our Charter Event this past October.  He has held or participated in just about everything we do or have done for the past 43 years

Ross F DiMarco Fellowship

Tom Dorazio & Jim McDougal

Tom has been a member of the Waynesburg Liions for 26 years having joined in March 1992.  Tom chairs the annual pancake breakfast and Christmas Tree sales – both of which represent two of our highest earning events – so without them, much of our charitatble contributions and programs would simply not exist.  Tom is also behind the scenes for many of our programs – shows up early to set up and then comes back to help tear down for the sheep and fiber booth and July fourth food booths.   In fact, most every event we have over the year, Tom is usually there to help out where ever and when ever needed. 

Jim has been a member of the Waynesburg Lions for15 years having joined our club in January 2003.  Jim is seemingly present at every function and ready and willing to go to work.   Much of what Jim does is behind the scenes including the maintaining the Lions building and park.   He also shows up ahead of most events to help gets thing set up and returns to help tear down: he puts in ridiculous amounts of time for our club and most on his own accord

Russ Hall – Melvin Jones Fellowship Award

Russ has been a member for 8 years, having joined the Waynesburg Lions in October 2010.   He has served our club in many ways over the years, most obviously as our Club Treasurer since 2012.    Russ is almost single handedly responsible for the annual Koeze Nuts sales each fall and early winter which is one of our highest fund raising events and supports much of our charitable programs throughout the year.   Russ is always present at every event and program we have throughout the year – finding ways to serve our community and make it a better place.   



Peg Blair – Secretary Recognition

The Waynesburg Lions Club wishes to recognize the years of dedicated serve to the club and the community by awarding this plaque to Peg Blair.   Peg has been a member of our club for 27 years having joined in April 1991.   She has served as our secretary since 2013.   In addition, on the District level she is a member of the Hearing Preservation, Awareness and Action Committee and one of our Districts Representatives to the Western PA Hearing Foundation.   She also serves as our convention representative.   She has served as our club president for two terms - one in 2004 and the other in 2011,   Peg has worked tirelessly to help our club and our community.  

Nate Duer – Ross F. DiMarco Fellowship

Nate has been a member of our club for going on 21 years having joined in October 1997.   Nate is literally the face of our club as he dresses as the Lions Mascot for various events including the annual Halloween and Christmas Day parades.   Not as easy task as the outfit is quite warm with limited vision and a fairly long walk through the parade route.  Everyone wants to have a photo or give the Lion a hug.   Nate also serves each year as our food booth chair as part of the annual July 4th celebration and rarely misses any event to help out throughout the year. 

Eleanor Chapman – Lion of the Year

The Waynesburg Lions Club is proud to announce the Lion of the Year Award to Eleanor Chapman.  Eleanor has been a member of the Waynesburg Club for 13 years having joined in May 2005.   Eleanor served as our president in 2008 and 2009 and has been extremely active in the club throughout her membership – assisting with anything and everything possible.  This past year and for the last several years, Eleanor was the chairperson of our Students of the Month process – coordinating with Central Green High School in the selection and awards process including presentation of the students during our meetings.  She handled the Peace Poster program.   She took on the Christmas tree decorating fundraiser to support the Greene County museum.  She handles the food basket program.   She is the organizer of the Little Miss Firecracker pageant each July 4th.  She is a major part of the Sounds of Summer program, jumped in to handle the White Cane and Halloween programs two years ago when one of our Lions fell ill.    She is present and supportive of most everything we do here for the Waynesburg Lions and in fact, it is hard to think of a program she is not leading or supporting. 


Mary Pruss

We are proud to recognize one of our own today to receive this award.    This individual has been a member of our club for 27 years.   She has served as our chairperson for Eye Glasses/Sight program as well as the Sheep and Fiber Fest booth forever.   She also serves on our Constitution/By Laws and Litigation Committees.  She has been the “batter” person for the July 4th pancake breakfast every year.    I suspect she has held or participated in just about everything we do or have done for the past 27 years including serving as our club president. 
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