On January 4, 1940, the third Lions club on Oahu and the tenth overall in the state received its charter. It was then that the North Oahu Lions Club, as the club was then called, gained its charter with the help and support of the Leeward Lions Club. The motivated North Oahu Lions helped organize the Waialua Lions Club in 1947. Recognizing that this was just the start of a surge in Lionism for the area, the North Oahu Lions Club changed its name to the present-day Wahiawa Lions Club. Shortly thereafter, the Wahiawa Lions Club helped organize the Koolauloa Lions Club. With both the Koolauloa and Waialua clubs, all North Shore communities were assured of access to Lionism and Lions services. When Mililani Town sprang forth in Central Oahu in the 1960s, the Wahiawa Lions Club provided the blueprint to form the Mililani Lions Club in 1971.

Additionally, in 1991 the "Twinning" of the Wahiawa Lions Club and the Masan-Jeil Lions Club of Masan, South Korea was established.

The Wahiawa Lions Club is proud to be the home of the late PDG Dr. Masao Kanemaru and Past District Governor Jack Kampfer.

Over its more than 78 years, the Wahiawa Lions Club has performed countless community service projects, but it is probably best known for its Veterans Day Parade. This is the oldest and largest parade of its kind in the state. Because Wahiawa is a poor community, during July and August the club conducts a school supplies drive. Download a poster on left.



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