DISTRICT 20 R1                                  CLUB # 839

Charter Date : 10/24/1963

Office 7/1/22 - 6/30/23 7/1/21 - 6/30/22
Valhalla Lions Club Officers
President Mary Ellen Higgins Kathy Vogel
1st Vice President Marie Smith Mary Ellen Higgins
2nd Vice President   Marie Smith
3rd Vice President    
Secretary Kathy Vogel Kathy Vogel
Treasurer Rich Bosco Rich Bosco
Membership Chair Bob Byrne Bob Byrne
Club Service Coordinator Jack Lofaso Jack Lofaso
Lion Tamer Kathy Vogel  Kathy Vogel 
Tail Twister Bob Byrne Bob Byrne











                                        Valhalla Lions Song

Tune : 'It's Hard To Be Humble'

 Oh we're the Valhalla Lions
The best club in 20R1
Tho our work keeps us hoppin and flying
We manage to have lots of fun

 Some clubs are a little bit jealous
Do their best to try to keep pace
But even if they were zealous
They can't match our style and grace

OOOHHH Lord it's hard to be humble
When you're perfect in every way
Can't wait to look in the mirror
We get better looking each day

 To know us is to love us
We must be a helluva clan
Oh Lord it's hard to be humble
But we're doing the best that we can !

Lions Prayer

Where lions meet be present Lord
To weld our heart with one accord
To do thy will, Lord
Make us strong
To aid the weak and right the wrong

Lions Toast

Not above you
Not beneath you
But with you

Lions Prayer at Meals

Lord, as we Lions gather here
We pause to offer up this prayer
Bless now this food that we partake
And every effort that we make
To build the towns in which we live
And put it in our hearts to give
To worthy causes bless the blind
And all we do to serve mankind
Be with us till we meet again
And bless our lands and homes
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