Officers - Members 2020-2021

Officers of Up Country 88 Lions Club
President Steve Z
Secretary Terry V
Treasurer Ernie G
1st Vice President Darrell H
2nd Vice President Frank A
Past President Nancy V
Membership Director  Roxanne F
2-Year Director Brian C
2-Year Director Larry R
Marketing/Communications Gail C
Tail Twister Roxanne F
Lion Tamer Peggy H

Members of Up Country 88 Lions Club
Frank A Darrell H Danny O
Donna B Earl K Larry R
Joe B Dick K Andy S
Brian C Tom L Mary Lou S
Gail C Harry L Tom T
Bill C Charlene L Nancy V
Mike C Ken L Terry V
Norma C Mike M Jennifer Z
Roxanne F Pat M Steve Z
Ernie G Lynn M Jim Z
Peggy H Carol O Janet Z

Installation of Officers

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