Eligibility:  Any teacher, staff member, administrator or volunteer in a Sunnyside School, including Lions. 

Application:  Teachers/Staff/Volunteer may apply for the grant up to $300 by sending an email to, for consideration. Grants will be awarded if funds are available.

  • Name of Applicant, title and school name/s or purpose
  • What the funds will be used for
  • Number of children who will benefit
  • A statement that the applicant agrees with the rules of the program and will conform to SUSD requirements as defined by the SUSD Request for Acceptance of Gifts & Donations
  • Name and email of Principal (if appropriate) and statement that the Principal has approved the request 

Delivery of the goods/services or Awarding the Checks:  Tucson Cyber Lions can purchase the goods/services for the school and deliver them, or a check can be made out in the name of the school. A formal presentation of the goods or check will be organized when the Principal and recipient can receive it at the school when photos will be taken.  If the children can be present for the photos, that would be great. Photos will be used for fund raising purposes in social media.

Details:  The decision of the awards committee is final and all awards will be subject to having funds available, and this program may be terminated at any time.  The check will be made out to the individual school, or to an approved vendor. In the event of a request for goods, please send the committee the links of the specific goods where they can be purchased online, such as Amazon or Walmart. Other vendors may be considered in your application. The application and photos are available for the Tucson Cyber Lions to use for marketing purposes.














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