Club Projects

Stour Valley Lions undertakes numerous community service projects as well as providing grants to deserving causes within the Shipston and Stour Valley Area. Examples of such projects include:

Community Book Shop

For many years Stour Valley Lions Club ran a Community Bookshop enabling members of the public, of all ages, to purchase books covering some 50 different subjects at very economical prices, all of which were donated to the Lions by the residents of Shipston & The Stour Valley. The service was extended to the overseas market with books being sent to most European Countries, USA, Canada, Australia and South America using Amazon. However we lost the use of the bookshop and now rely on pop-up bookshop and Amazon for sales
Gyratory garden

Stour Valley Lions members help to maintain the Dedicated Memorial Garden on the Gyratory in Shipston. This is done in cooperation in with the local British Legion, Shipston in Bloom and Shipston Town Council.

Citizens Benches

Stour Valley Lions have over many years provided and maintained numerous benches throughout the town for the benefit of those taking a walk into town or just enjoying the entertainment of those passing by.

Community Cinema

The Shipston High School has been the venue for the Stour Valley Lions monthly film shows. The films shown have appealed to many interests and been both musical, adventurous and educational.

Spectacle Recycling

Since its formation over 100 years ago Lions Club International has focused on sight related projects. For a number of years Stour Valley Lions Club have placed spectacle recycling boxes in opticians, doctors’ surgeries and other relevant locations within Shipston and the Stour Valley.  The boxes are emptied regularly and all spectacles are dispatched to Chichester Lions Club who recycle them for onward transmission to Medico France who grade them and send them on for use in developing countries.

Message in a Bottle

 The purpose of Message in a Bottle is to place a plastic bottle in fridges of the infirm and elderly and particularly those living on their own so that emergency services can easily find the bottle which contains contact details plus information about the medication and requirements of the individual. Stour Valley Lions will be providing 500 Bottles to the community of Brailes for general distribution in the village and immediate area.

Diabetes Screening

Stour Valley Lions have for many years, with the co-operation of  the The  Shipston Medical Centre and the Ellen Badger Hospital sponsored a ‘Drop in’ diabetes screening this has now been extended to the sponsorship of Educational Evenings on Diabetes run by the Medical Center.

Senior Citizens Party

Stour Valley Lions have run a Senior Citizens Party for many years usually at the Shipston High School.
The Club organise the party for approximately 150 local residents’, organising transport, if necessary, entertainment and afternoon tea.

Prison Me – No Way

Stour Valley Lions have supported this very worthwhile project held at the Shipston High School every 2 years. This is a Crime & Safety Awareness Day and provides a constantly evolving, unique and interactive educational experience for young people. Each event is individually tailored to local crime and safety issues and offers sessions around. County Lines, Knife & Weapon Crime, Anti-Social behaviour, Choices, Prison environment, Meeting & speaking with ex-prisoners, gun & knife crime, drugs and links to crime and irresponsible behaviour, extremism, Mental Health, Transitions, Domestic Abuse, Harassment and Relationships, Child Sexual Exploitation online, consequences of social media misuse, grooming, a replica prison cell, a road traffic accident, arson, hoax calls a youth court and more.


Stour Valley Lions have always taken an interest in supporting Youth Activities in Shipston & the Stour Valley. Groups supported include Shipston Youth club, Disadvantaged students for the D of E Awards. Junior Tennis, Junior soft ball. Shipston High School Basketball Team, Shipston Ladies Hockey team. The club also Sponsor 2 awards at the Shipston High School Annual Awards Evening.

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Patio Garden Maintenance

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