The South Tucson Lions are proud to present our annual Student Mariachi Fiesta which showcases our local primary, middle and high school talent.  Join us to raise money for the school's Mariachi programs and scholarships for their summer music programs, while having a great time.

Join us November 8 at the historic el Casino Ballroom in South Tucson from 1:00-5:00PM for a fun filled afternoon of music, folklorico dance and food, featuring the Mariachis from local schools such as Davis, Roskruge, White, Pueblo, Sunnyside, Desert View and Lauffer Middle School.




Last year we honored the legendary Dr. V., Alfredo Valenzuela, one of the founding fathers of youth Mariachi in Tucson.  Join us as we celebrate another great Mariachi and hear and see the results of their many years invested in teaching our children the great heritage that is Mariachi.  

Valenzuela Family Biography 2019

My name is Jaime Valenzuela (age 39) and I am the son of Evangelina Valenzuela and Dr. Alfredo Valenzuela. I am the youngest of three children; I have one older sister, Myrna Valenzuela Cubillas (age 42) and one older brother, Rudy Valenzuela (age 43).

We are a family of music and school educators. Our father, Dr. Valenzuela (Dr. "V") started the music program at Davis Bilingual Elementary School during the early 1980's. He began his teachung career in 1971 at Mission View Elementary School, then he transferred to Hollinger Elementary and finally ended up at Davis Elementary. Davis is where my siblings and I learned how to play guitar and other instruments such as violin, vihuela, guitarron, trumpet, drums, saxophone and electric guitar. My dad taught at Davis until the year 2010, that's when I graduated from Northern Arizona University and received my teaching certificate with an endorsement in music education. After graduation, I started as the full time music teacher at Davis Elementary School and the full time director of Mariachi Las Aguilitas. Davis school is where Dr. "V" started Mariachi Las Aguilitas and it was from Davis where the Valenzuela family legacy began. From this point foreard, the family dedicated their life's to teaching and sharing the Mexican traditions of Mariachi music.

From this foundation that started by Dr. "V", many youth mariachi groups began to form throughout the community of Tucson. Through the hundreds of students that started playing mariachi music and other types of music's, many of these students have made their living through their musical talent. Davis Elementary School has set the foundation for youth mariachis in Tucson, Arizona, due to the fact that our students feed into the middle schools and eventually into high school groups and community youth groups.

In May 17, 2008, Dr. V received an honorary by the college of music education at the University of Arizona. My brother Rudy is also a mariachi teacher at Roskruge Middle School and has taught there for over 20 years. My sister was also a teacher at Summit View Elementary School, and was there for over 15 years. This year she currently moved schools to teach music full time at Roskruge Middle School. Both Myrna and Rudy were the original teachers who helped Dr. V at Davis and started Mariachi Las Aguilitas, which is one of the reasons Mariachi Aguilitas was successful. Together with my siblings we have started many community groups as well as the Valenzuela Mariachi Academy. The Valenzuela Academy lasted 6 years until we could not longer juggle everything. The Academy taught kids 4 years old and up to high school and was intended for all children of our community to learn about the rich culture/traditions of mariachi music. Community youth groups that have started from Davis and have been taught under our direction have been the following groups; Mariachi Milagro (13 years), Maraichi Tesoro de Tucson (12 years), Mariachi Corazon de Tucson (11 years) and our most recent groups Mariachi Estrella's de Tucson (4 years) Mariachi Milagro second generation (6 years). Countless other Mariachi grouos have started from Mariachi Las Aguilitas (Davis School). Alomst every youth group in Tucson has ties to Mariachi Las Aguilitas due to members that have started from Davis. Our very own Mariachi Estrella's de Tucson is our lastest group and is thriving in our mariachi community and is becoming known as one of the top youth mariachi in Tucson.

The legacy that Dr. "V" has started here at Davis school with Las Aguilitas is endless and continues to be strong and thriving in making musicians around Tucson. Every student we teach is like a seed that has been planted; in which they go on to teach others the same way they were taught.

Tickets are $10, or $100 for a table of 10, down front reserved tables are $200.  You may purchase tickets below using your credit card or from any participating Mariachi, to direct the money directly to the Mariachi program of your choice.  All net proceeds are used to support local youth Mariachi, and all ticket sales are final.  



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