Used spectacles can be deposited in the Lions collecting bins situated in Lloyd's Chemist, Sheringham and Cromer Hospital where they will be collected, sorted and then sent to Third World countries. 



The charity provides bracelets or necklaces to identify individuals with hidden medical conditions and allergies. Any individual requiring one should contact is the first instance and we will be able to assist in procurement. 



We are always seeking organisations, individuals and projects that need assistance with fundraising within the locality to assist in their continuing development. 

In December 2015 we donated 21 Christmas Hampers between Action for Children in Holt and  Sure Start, Cromer  who distributed them to 21 less well off families. Most of the contents of the hampers were kindly donated by local shops and supermarkets either in kind or by gift voucher. The Club made up any shortfall from their charity account. 

In June 2014 we helped the victims of the Walcott, Bacton & Happisburgh Flood by a cash donation. In the same month a little boy with breathing difficulties was in urgent need of a new bed. The Lions helped with the purchase.

In August 2014 a little girl with a severe illness required some additional equipment for her specialised wheelchair and we were able to purchase the necessary items for her.

In August 2015 we purchased a Cot, Mattress and other bedding for a needy family in our local community.

In 2017, we were contacted by the grandaughter of a profoundly deaf man living in Sheringham who needed assistance with travelling expenses to a Club for the Deaf in Norwich. Although this is not normally part of our activities, we were able to make a one off payment of £300 to help with transport costs.

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