Message in a bottle (MIB) is a  scheme run by the Lions. The idea is that we can supply you, completely free, with a small container which you can put in the fridge. The container will have inside it a piece of of paper which you can complete detailing what illness's you may have and what tablet's etc you may be taking. We also supply 2 small green stickers - you put one sticker on the fridge door and the other sticker on or near the front door. Should anything happen to you and the paramedic or police etc have to call in an emergency they will look for these stickers and then get the small container out of the fridge so that they are made aware of your health problems. If you would like a MIB please feel free to call Lion Hazel on 01263 821276 or e.mail and we can arrange for you to have one. MIB's are completely free     

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