Stratford Leo Club Launch

After a very enjoyable evening learning about Leo's clubs and listening to performances by The Myriam Adams and Heist Bands we now move onto phase 2 in setting up The Stratford Leo Club. 

For the up-to-date situations and any questions you wish to ask contact:


Leo Update - Date for the diary, Saturday 11th May - Leo Club Launch





Leo Update March 2019

We are nearing the time when we can be more specific in our plans for starting the recruitment of members for the formation of Stratford upon Avon Leo Club.

We are working towards a launch date of 11th May 2019. Full details will appear on the website by mid-April. In the meantime if you would like to receive details as soon as they are available please register your interest now.

Contact : Lion Peter or phone 01926842614


   Stratford upon Avon LEO Club

       Wanted Members 15 to19 years of age now!!!!

Are you looking for Managerial experience?

Vacancies: - Recruited from Club Membership

  • Leo Club President                                
  • Vice President
  • Leo Business Secretary
  • Leo Social Secretary
  • Leo Treasurer
  • Marketing manager  including webpage & Facebook                                                                                 

Leos develop Leadership skills with Experience and Opportunity to last them a lifetime

How will it help a member of Stratford upon Avon LEO’s Club?

Evidence on CV for employment

Evidence for University Applications

Voluntary work element of Duke of Edinburgh award

Satisfaction of helping others whilst having fun

Make new friends to work as a team with

Join in the Clubs Social life

Provide new interests perhaps unthought-of

Open up opportunities by being a member of an International organisation

Perhaps help you find something that is lacking in your life currently


See our video on touchFM by clicking here.

Leo Update 1 dated 14th January 2019

After an encouraging day at Tesco Birmingham Road talking to Parents and Students on the 11th January it was obvious that a high level of interest existed in the community for a Lions Junior club. We have a long way to go yet before the conclusion of the ballot so please keep on registering you blue tokens in the Lions Box.

A couple of photos taken on the day for interest, so keep looking at our web site for updates on how planning is progressing.  

Next news update mid-March 2019

The Forming of a LEO club in Stratford

Shakespeare Lions have commenced a programme to form a Junior Lions Club and have applied to Tesco Bags of Help funding programme for support. The members of the new club would be known as LEO’s. The logo for Leo’s clubs stands for, “Leadership, Experience and Opportunity”.

Shakespeare Lions have already canvassed local schools and other groups interested in the welfare of young people and have been encouraged by the words of support given. 

LEO clubs encourage the development of leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. New clubs are dependent on a Lions club to sponsor and initiate them, something that Shakespeare Lions are happy to do. Leo Club members are addressed as "Leos." They conduct various projects in the fields of health care, elders, children, disabled people, literacy and education, and self-development. LEOs can raise funds by conducting fund-raising projects. They can conduct projects with another Leo club, sponsoring Lions club, or with an outside organization. Being responsible for their own club LEO’s will have the benefit of a Lion advisor who will attend their meetings giving advice, encouragement and guidance if needed. This Lion will not take over the running of their club. Members elect their own officers responsible for running and leading on aspects of the club.

Interesting facts

Worldwide there are over 7,000 Leo Clubs

Over 175,000 LEO members

In 145 countries and territories

Well over 24.000 projects have been completed by Leo Clubs

Being a member of a LEO club can also support young people in University applications, and CV’s for employment. It will also make them aware of other opportunities available through Lions International.

The Club will cater for 14 to18 year olds.



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