'Young Ambassador of the 21st Century' 



You could win £50 - £1550 to help fund a project of your choice*

Entries close 21st September 2020

Every year all the UK Lions Clubs hold this ‘Young Ambassador of the 21st Century’ competition.  It’s to boast about all the amazing teenagers who are volunteering in the community or who plan to do so.  We need a teenager to be our representative for that competition!  

How it works

  • Put in a valid entry - first three valid entries gain £50 each.  You don’t need to be a club member to enter.
  • Create a stunning presentation on why your volunteer project / plan should win
  • Club winner competes at Lions District level; £500.00 1st prize
  • District winner competes at UK level; £1000.00 1st prize
  • Lions Club of UK winner pays for them to compete in 2021 at European competion level; £1,000 1st prize **


To enter you need to be

  • 15 – 18 years old as at 30th June 2021
  • live or are going to school in the Stratford area or local villages
  • are doing voluntary work of any kind* or have an idea to help others


It's a great opportunity because

  • It makes your CV look good and will impress future employers
  • Helps your presentation skills – a very important job skill
  • Helps you work towards a Duke of Edinburgh award.
  • Helps your application for University
  • It supports a project that’s important to you

Talk with your parent / guardian and ‘your’ charity if you’re already helping with one. Don’t have a charity yet?  We could possibly help you.  Contact Peter Humberstone of Shakespeare Lions Club for the next step.  Give it a shot and good luck!


* Your project must be endorsed by a not-for-profit (charity) organisation.  You are not paid the money directly.  Prize money goes direct to the Shakespeare Lion’s club.  The Club pays out the money up to the amount of the prize won as it gets valid receipts for the winning project.

** Subject to travel regulations at the time.

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