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Map of the Western State of California, USA with SAN JOSE highlightedSan Jose was California's first civilian settlement and was founded in 1777. It is also California's first incorporated city (incorporated on the 27th of March 1850) and site of the first state capital. It  is the third largest city in California, following Los Angeles and San Diego. It is the 10th largest city in the U.S. (2005 State Department of Finance). It has a population of 975,000 and a land area of 177.3 square miles. In terms of disposal income it is ranked No.1 in the U.S., based on median household income of $67,504. (2002 Sales and Marketing Magazine).

All the above are undoubtedly awesome statistics and it is no wonder that San Jose enjoys a superb climate  Temperatures vary from an average of 50 degrees in January to an average of 70 degrees in July. San Jose boasts an average of more than 300 sunny days per year, and has a mean annual rainfall of 14.4 inches. Copernicus Peak in the Diablo Range at 4,372 feet is the highest elevation with the lowest being sea level.

It is therefore not surprising that California in general and San Jose in particular have and enjoy a world renowned quality of life. The area offers a wide variety of exciting cultural, recreational, educational and entertainment opportunities. In addition, the City of San Jose was the nation's best public safety record of any metropolitan area and is home to a marvelous diverse ethnic community.

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